Net Net Screener Tool

I was thinking to make a small python script to create a web page that lists all stock that follow your nets nets rules but lately I’m being lazy or busy with other stuff…

Did you test iex?

I will have to, my tool was based on Yahoo API. Then I will fix it and create a new version based on IEX during christmas vacations I guess.

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would you be interested in have it online?

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Just for the record, I am currently in the process of re-writing my Net Net tool as a web-application.
I hope I will be done by the end of the month. As it will be a web app, it should be available to others as well.
The tool will use IEX for the market data (price, market cap) and the SEC Edgar API for the financial reports.
The goal would be to have:

  • a Net Net stock screener
  • have a set of value indicators for any stock
  • perhaps the possibility to define custom screeners, depending on my time available. :slight_smile:

Awesome. Not sure that I’ll use it myself, but it’s really great initiative on your part. Impressive skill set.

I am almost there, but I still need to have a good user management system before publishing a release candidate version online. That will come next.

So far, the tool can of course screen for Net Net Stocks :

User can navigate through the list of all stocks quoting on NYSE, Nasdaq and American Stock Exchange, and look for a certain company or ticker :

Then the user can select a given stock, and view its general details, price, market cap, and financial statements :

Finally, there is also a valuation tab (so far only with Net Net indicators, and P/E and P/S ratio), that gives hints when a given indicator crosses certain values :

There are more indicators planed in the pipe, like DCF analysis, ROA, ROE, Piotroski score and so on…

Finally, the next big milestone would be to create a generic screener with any criteria…


are you using python? There are some very nice libraries for that. I’m learning to use flask-admin for example.

It is written in C# using ASP.Net . I did not have the time to look deeply into flask-admin, but it looks like it serves the same purpose as ASP.Net MVC. So it looks like the right approach :slight_smile:

flask alone is a library to build websites. flask-admin is kind of a add-on that ease the login/user management part of a site. I’m sure there is some similar library in

Otherwise I’d suggest you to learn python. It’s incredible how easy it is to use. Many many people created libraries to make everything easier.

Ok, I have finally published a beta version here :

Main features :

  • Possibility to look up any stock, its financial reports, and the value indicators calculated by the application
  • A dozen of screeners (including a Net-Net Screener) filtering stocks according to classic Value Indicators
  • In a Screener, possibility to add any indicator column that you wish

I am open to any feedback! Especially for the front-end ( I have to confess I am a newbie to front-end dev, so I shamelessly used a basic bootstrap layout…).


Nice site, I like it.

Yeah I hate front end myself as well. If I were good at it, I’d have already half a dozen websites online. Instead I fail every time I try to put stuff online

Anyway why asking to register?

You’re right, so far users should not need to register, registering would be useful only if I add premium features.
The login step will be removed soon.

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Hey Julianek,
nice page, thanks!
I must admit when I had to log in I lost the interest for a moment…
but yeah, i am very curious about it.

Now, imagine, ther are a few ppl here that would use it and invest some money into it. would they come to the same or at least similar conclusions on what stocks to buy? And also discuss on the same stocks on when they “woke up” ? that could be interesting!

Thanks for the feedback Nugget. As said in my previous post, since so far there is not added benefit to login for non admin people, i will remove this step in most features.

Regarding your last question, it is highly probable that they reach the same conclusion about some stocks.
I asked myself if this would handicap this strategy, but it seems that net net screeners are available on the web since long (although not in the same direct format), but it did not disabled net nets to continue existing…

Likewise, I always read in textbooks that “net nets used to exist 60 years ago, but now they are from the past”, and my personal experience is the contrary…

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Hi Julianek,
Thank you very much for the tool,
I’ll soon look closer into the Net Net strategy but for now this tool will help me greatly at work.

The only suggestion for now would be to add a little tooltip to explain the less known ratios.


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For the record I removed the login to access the screeners :slight_smile:

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Nice page and screening technology :slight_smile: Any chance you put the code somewhere like Github? I put my own screener which is way less complex than yours at I also took IEX as my main source, I wish we could have the same kind of API for Swiss stocks but found myself digging into the messy CSVs present on SIX page…

I think a nice idea would be to add for each stock links to yahoo or other major websites

New feature : I added a generic screener builder, so you can screen stocks according to any indicator you like :

I just uploaded it here :

Noted. What do you think is missing the most such that you feel the need to check a stock on Yahoo?


I like to browse around when I need to know a company