Neon-bank fee free worldwide

What android version do you use? On what phone? They might be testing (as usual with 99.99% software houses) on the latest and best version and your phone might be behind.
It might be a memory issue.

Unrelated: my biketowork app crash every time I start it. once it’s on background, doesn’t crash anymore.

Android 14, Oppo Find X5 Pro (owned Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro before and same issues). I don’t know what they are doing but nothing to compare with Yuh for exemple. It’s easy, it’s the worst app I have on my phone.
I would be more than happy if they can fix it.

I have a Samsung S22 Ultra with Android 14, and as I mentioned few days ago, many many issues with the Neon app. It’s really an up-to-date flagship from 2 years ago, should be high on the list of the supported and tested devices.

Yep, I have exactly the same experience. Used to be a few minutes to max. a few hours until the money was on my account. Now it takes at least 24h+!


I have an S22 and don’t generally have problems with the app

As of 1 July 2024, the following interest rates apply:

  • 0.50% on your Spaces for deposits of up to 25’000 CHF
  • 0.25% on your Spaces for deposits from 25’000 CHF upward

And with this change, you would get at least double the interest if you would have your money at Yuh instead. :sweat_smile:

Yuh will also lower their interest at the same time.

Source? According to this week’s email, the interest rate will stay at 1% p.a. without limit for now (but will be restricted to the savings part of the Yuh account from July).


Perhaps I misunderstood this post:

Yuh will no longer pay interest on cash outside the savings subaccount of Yuh but the interest rate in the savings area does not change. Not ideal but there are no limits of transfers from the savings subaccount, so it’s not terrible.

They explicitly wrote “Wir folgen dieser Senkung nicht.” and “Zinssätze: 1%, und es gibt kein Limit!”.

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actually someone commented that in fact the limit is 50k, even if the email in fact it says unlimited.

edit: I mixed up comments. it’s in fact unlimited.

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I assume you’re referring to Yuh neobank [2024] - #28 by assemblyrequired but that comment was actually about Neon. The two threads may be getting a bit confusing with the comparisons.


Oh OK, then I misunderstood, sorry.

Also, neon invest will now have a minimum fee of CHF 1 (except for savings plan purchases).

That is good imho. People shouldn’t invest less than 200chf.

Yes, and I’d rather have disproportionately high costs of small investments being paid by those making small investments, instead through a general increase in fee for everyone.

They updated the app at the beginning of July. I can login very smoothly now.

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