Mustachians, introduce yourselves!


Markets are always irrational.
The question for investing is not when but at which price - if you follow the “value investing” philosophy.


And for indexers the question is not when and at what price - indeed, there’s no question, you choose your allocation, you buy, hold, rebalance and stay the course for long-term.


It you don’t know your savings rate you don’t know your spending which makes it a bit difficult to calculate the monies you need. But I would be more worried about the 450 k cash as it needs to be put to work :slight_smile:

I see Market are irrational but I would also not invest in high street investments. All this products from bankers, there is a high margin on it. I would seek alternative investments, and yes you need to invest some time to understand. But see fintech, small hedge funds, real estate (no not reits only direct investments or JVs).


Caveat emptor ! …


Dear Swiss Mustachians,

I’m so happy to have found this community. I remember reading Mr Mustache’s blog a while ago but realized just now I need to put his wise advices to work.

Even with my old age of 38 years old I consider myself a newbie when it comes to money management. I’m committed to change this and do my best to make the best choices.

See you soon!


Welcome! Wish you lots of interesting insights :slight_smile:


Hi @fromforet
welcome and don’t worry anything about your age… I felt I was the super-late-bloomer here until I read @baffo66’s post :wink:
I think it’s not unusual to wake up mid-life and decide to do something about one’s own inadequate financial knowledge and behavior. While I somehow envy younger people for the additional time they have, it’s certainly never too late to improve.




Hi there,

I hope the cross-posting is OK: This is just a reminder for the upcoming meetup in Bern on either 12th or 13th of February. In order to make the organization easier, please vote for your preferred date at this doodle.


Johnny B.


Dear Swiss Mustachians,

I’ve been reading the forum for a bit and I thought it’s time to introduce myself.

I’m in my late 20s and originally from Ticino, and after some time spent in Zurich, Germany and Asia I am currently working in Lausanne.

What I am most interested is to improve my asset allocation to reduce risk and take advantage of long term market trends. Additionally increasing my saving rate is also a priority (currently 15ish %), let’s just say I have some unhealthy spending habits that need to be corrected.

Regarding FIRE: RE is not the end goal per se, but a good FI will allow a gradual detachment from the need to work for money (pick your job as if you were paid 0)



Hi everyone,

Been following the discussions on the forum on and off for a few years now. Thanks for all the valuable information that can be found in the various threads.

Me and my wife are in our early/mid 30’s working within Pharma in Basel. We have two small kids in daycare, which is currently significantly hampering our savings rate. I usually jokingly tell people that with the money we spend on daycare for the kids, we could buy a new Tesla every 18 months…


Dear Mustachians,

After +1 year following this interesting website/forum from the shadows, I have finally registered.
I’m a Spaniard in my early 30s, working in IT in Zurich, trying to find my way to FIRE.
I’m here mostly to learn given my poor financial knowledge and habits, which has improved significantly since I discover you all guys. So thanks!



Hi all!
I’m a Spaniard in my early 30s, working in Zurich.
I have been reading this blog a lot but this is the first time that I write on it. I want to start investing in the Mustachian way (Bogleheads). At the moment Im trying to figure out how and which founds to buy and with which broker to go…
See you around!


I just started reading this forum today and I must say - this is exactly what I was looking for! I’m 37 y/old lady living in Switzerland for more than 20 years and just started getting informed about FI…I resigned from a very stressful position last month that I held for more than 11 years and now I am looking at all options…working independently, taking a break from work (I have a son), or applying for a part-time position…etc. Let’s see where this trip takes me!