Mustachians, introduce yourselves!

Hey MP and all other swiss mustachians to arrive here,
[nugget signed up fist muhahaha :wink: ]
Just kidding, it is great to finally have this forum, where the switzerland-related topics may not be the tiny hole in the big cheese! I hope i can contribute to make this a well sorted collection of mustachian aspects!

For myself, I am currently a ~30y PhD candidate from Zurich. I naturally obtained a rather frugal lifestyle after living in Zürich for 5 years off ~€ 900 per month (during the time when the € dropped from 1.50 to 1.20 CHF) as a student.I had quite mustachian thinking before I know this existed, and was pleased when I recently found the community! I dont share all of the philosophy, but still a big part especially in planning my financial future!

So lets see what comes up here! Big thanks to MP for setting up this forum! I was actually getting myself informed on how to do that myself recently :wink:


@nugget congrats for being the first user ever in this Community :grinning:

Let’s watch this thread to get to know each other!

One question to you: will you dare to share all your numbers in the “Share your story” category :scream: ?

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@MP: yes i pan to do that! but it will be november before I get started putting together the numbers :confused:

Mr RIP here!
Italian 39yo Software Engineer in Switzerland since 2012 :slight_smile:
Halfway in the path to FI, aiming to hit the big red button in ~5 years even though my forecasts are more optimistic.


Hello, I am the mom of two little ones (toddler and baby). Let me tell you, they are expensive. My savings ratio is low, especially now that my husband got involved with a start-up. We live in Bern and are currently saving (whatever we can) for our first home purchase. I am the one responsible for investment / finances decisions in our household.
Currently, I am reading “Der Weg zum Eigenheim” (Beobachter).


Can’t wait to read it!

Hey mate,

I hope to be at your level (or higher) when I reach your age!
A pleasure to have you as a fellow blogger!

Hey, welcome MiriKi!

What about you be the first person to share your story with numbers and investment decisions you’ve made so far?!

Hi there,
I’m from Lausanne, am in my late twenties and have recently started to take care of my finances. I used to not really check what I was spending because I never really needed to. I’m now living with my partner who has a child and I’ve found that establishing a family budget and trying to save as much as we can is very satisfying and quite fun. At the moment, I’d still consider myself as a beginner, and have yet to dive into the investing side of reaching financial independence. Therefore, I haven’t quite been able to establish long term goals yet. The first one would probably be to buy a house or an apartment.



I’m Erma and my boyfriend and I just bought a house. Now we are trying to save again a lot of money to reach FI.


Hi there, I’m Sam, late thirties, started to invest 3-4 years ago, when my salary increased and I managed to not increase my cost of living at the same rate ;-). Plan is to retire comfortably, with a no-frills, low-cost, steady, 100% equities ETF plan.


SwissChalet (the Canadian version) here - have been in Basel for one year. 2x fairly good incomes and ability to save his gone up nicely since moving here. Have properties in Canada, about 100K invested in the UK in ETFs and am keen to learn more about pensions, pillars and real estate (prices scary however) in Switzerland to make our next investment move. First stop would be to find a good trading platform similar to either Charles Schwab/eTrade/AXA in US/UK. Oh and it would be quite inappropriate for me to have a mustache - hopefully lipstickians allowed too!


@SwissCalet & swiss brokers: there is an overview from Moneyland and one from JustETF
in the past typically swissquote, postfinance were among the cheaper solutions for passive investors, but that changes with time.
@lipstickian: can you have a similarly badass icon as MP has? :smiley:
@pillar3a: i am currently investing lots of timeinto that. i will gladly share my findings at some point!

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Do you use a budgeting software such as YNAB to help you manage your money?

Hi Erma,

In which region of CH did you buy your home? Country or city?

What is your FI date Sam?

Howdy SwissChalet,

Did you really say “Canada”?!? Where are you from exactly?
Is it your plan to settle down in Switzerland on the long run?

Yes Toronto. Left in 1999 however. Hope to settle here - yes.

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Not my primary concern, I like my job a lot :wink:

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Between Basel and Zurich in a small village.

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