Mustachians, introduce yourselves!

Hello Mustachians,

This my first post in this forum but I’ve been following the different topics for some time already.
I’m Portuguese in my mid-thirties and I’ve been living in Basel for the last 7 years. I’m married and I’ve two children’s, one boy with 3 months and an 2 year’s old girl.
I’ve always lived frugally and invested my savings since a young age. I always wanted to be financially free to take back control of my life but now with all the information out there on how to reach FIRE it has become much more clear to me how to achieve that life goal. Thank you all of you for all the great information in this forum and in all the blogs.

My current net worth is about 675k split as below:

Long term rental Portugal: 70k
Airbnb Portugal: 55k (100k mortgage)
House Switzerland: 145k (630k mortgage)
Crowdhouse: 100k
Pilar 2: 123k
Viac: 73k (mix shares, bonds & gold)
Degiro: 49k (IWDA & IUSN mostly)
Cash: 60k

I’ve invested mostly in real estate in last 10 years after losing about 60% of my investments in the stock market during the 2008 financial crisis. I will increase the portion of ETF’s in my portfolio to about 30% but will always have rental from real estate as primary source of income during FIRE.

My goal is to get to 1’000k net worth by 2024 to start a slow FIRE. I don’t want to stop working and I don’t want to leave Switzerland for now, I just want to work less hours, only do work that I enjoy and take more unpaid breaks to enjoy life with my family.



Bem vindo :slight_smile: !
You are really on a good track. Congratulations.

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Bem vindo!
É sempre bom ver mais portugueses por aqui :slight_smile:


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Hello there,

I’m an 18 y/o Dominican currently doing an apprenticeship in IT and living near Lausanne.

I’ve been following this forum for a few months now and just recently started to discover this world of FIRE in wich my mother and I are trying to achieve.

I’ve always wanted to know about stocks/trading and I finally decided to learn about personal finance after reading the book Rich Dad Poor Dad and now The 4-Hour Workweek really got me invested into learning how to preserve my time and not sell it for money.

One of my goals is to have time for my children, I see so many parents that are not there for their children and I see the effects that this has on both sides. I want to be there for my kids when that time comes.

Anyways, I’m excited to start this journey and learn through what the people are saying on this forum.

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