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Hello Ladies and Gents, I’m trying to change some of my bad habits and thus start exercising more. Back in Poland, I used to go to the gym from time to time, but prices of gym membership in Zug are highly discouraging (basically, nuts). I hate running (which is the cheapest), I love biking though (but I have no space for bikes in my current apartment). I’m looking for other options. Any recommendations? What is your way for mustachian physical activity?

Swimming. That should be the best way, if you can find a pool that’s not too crowded.

Also there is a Gym that costs around 399.- per year.

Can’t swim unfortunately. But I think I’ll just look for the cheapest gym I can find in Zug.

There is one in Baar and one soon in Cham.

Learning to swim can be useful as well.

Awesome, thanks for letting me know! I actually move to Baar next year.

I’m planning to take private classes in Poland in September and December.

Some people says it’s the “ryanair” of the gyms. Crowded and with no frills. You pay the basic package with no showers and no free drinks. Then they have some psycological tricks to make you pay 100chf more for that.
I never tried them, but if/when I’ll start going to a gym, I’ll probably try them, maybe with the yearly plan instead of the 2y one.

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I get you, I also hate it :smiley:

That’s a shame. I got a special bike room in my block. But if you got a cheap used bike then maybe you could keep it chained somewhere outside? Like at the train station there are often these covered stands.

Really? I mean, just move your hands are you will stay afloat :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah they have this 399 per year offer or even 699 per 2 years. But is a gym subscription really needed? Most of the stuff they have you shouldn’t use anyway. All these fancy machines are used to exercise isolated muscles, which is not how you move in the real life. Most of the exercise you can do at home, without any special equipment. Just find an e-book about it. I had one somewhere…

I think the main positive effect of a gym is that the subscription motivates you to use it, otherwise you feel guilty.

I have a dog that needs walking every day. We go uphill a lot and I listen to a podcast or audio books :slight_smile: sometimes I stop by a bench and do some situps, pushups etc. (Google body-weight no gear exercises)

The key is to set the bar as low as possible, e.g. walking 5 minutes a day so you gain positive momentum and feel good about that you accomplished it. Instead of setting the bar too high (e.g. gym 3 times per week). and failing and quitting alltogether.

Once you can do a couple of weeks of 5 min walks/day you’ll want to naturally increase it all the time. I also combine exercise with something I feel is a guilty pleasure: reading/listening to books, watching movies (in front of a cross trainer) etc. that way you end up longing for the next session. Hope it helps!


Thanks. That’s good idea. I’m trying to exercise at home, but I can’t find the motivation. I think I should start doing it outside or combine it with some other activity (maybe podcasts are good idea).

I’m already walking a lot with stroller because my son forces me to. I’m trying now to increase the activity. :stuck_out_tongue:

Buy a cheap bike + good lock and you can leave it outside?

Buy one or two kettlebells - this is a gym in a nutshell with fun and super efficient workout possible in limited space.

Buy gymnastic rings or make yourself own TRX if you can hang it at home.


Thanks for the advice @radek (another Polish guy? :slight_smile:)

I’m changing apartments in April, so I prefer to wait instead and buy a good bike.

I bought some dumbbell already and they’re laying under the bed. The biggest problem with exercising at home is not the lack of equipment, but the motivation.

I don’t have space for that. And even if I had, I don’t have the skills to figure this out.

Back when I was interested in gaining some muscle, a pro also told me, if I don’t want to go to the gym, I just need this TRX thing. You basically mount it on the door, and when you’re finished you can put it back in the closet.

But is it really how you want to spend your precious time? If you need muscle, then carry your kid on your shoulders on a hiking trip, vacuum your flat, clean your car - you get the drift: do something useful or fun.

Also, if you want best result with lowest amount of time, check out High-intensity interval training (HIIT).

That makes sense. Although I think exercise is so important for happiness, health and longevity, I should do more than that. HIIT might be a good solution for my shrinking time budget.

Could you send me please this? Or share it here - maybe others are interested as well… :slight_smile:

That’s my main problem. :stuck_out_tongue:

The easiest solution is to find a partner. Let’s say I want to lose 3kg. We will make a plan and post our efforts to see who’s better and so on. Sometimes is not about being better, but just showing what we do.

Why don’t you open a tread with your progession here on the forum?

Perfect idea! I have already a general thread on my FI progress - I can post my progress in other areas to motivate myself.

Hei, you might be interested in freeletics ( It’s my cheap alternative to a gym subscription.

It’s a HIIT (high intensity interval training) bodyweight workout. This means you can do it at home without needing any equipment. In ~30mins you are done and (most of the time) truly spent. The best way to use it is to buy the coach (although there is a free version availabe), which is around 120CHF/year. The virtual coach gives you a program each week based on your progress/feedback of the previous week.

It’s great because it’s challenging physically and mentally, but since it’s tailored for you it’s challenging but not impossible. Over time you get stronger both physically and mentally. The boost in confidence and self-esteem you get when you finish a workout where you needed to do like 100 burpees, 100 push-ups 100 squats etc is just the best ever, since when you began training you probably couldn’t even do 20 burpees without dying. The progress you made is amazing and you became really proud of yourself.

I honestly highly recommend it , it’s my cheap alternative to gym. I think the price is honest for what you get. I have been using it for almost 2 years on an off. Previously I have been at the gym but I was never this challenged and committed. It has a great community that gives you supportALL.THE.TIME (and indirectly forces you to push yourself even more and be committed).

The period of my life where I was doing freeletics 3x week and running 2x week (+ other personal development activities) was the period where I felt the most stronger both physically and mentally in my life. So again highly recommended.

If you want I can invite you, I think you get 20% off (and I get a silly gift like a mat or something, but I honestly don’t care much for those, freeletics is so great I am willing to recommend it basically without anything in return).

edit: p.s. also if anyone is doing it let me know I will add you


Hey, I’m already using the free version (not too regularly). I’ll send you in PM my profile name. :slight_smile:

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  1. on the side of the Athletics Track in Zug (Herti Allmend) there is a small surface in the open for cross training, I often see people there with TRX bands, skipping ropes etc.
  2. check out the Sport Halle in Zug, they have rooms for weights:[0]=1743[0]=709
  3. maybe a Turnverein could allow you access to a gym nearby for a small fee and provide some motivation
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What about a Swiss Mustachian fitness accountability whatsapp group? :sweat_smile: I would be interested as I would like to level up my fitness and I already walk my dog every day on steep hills… We could post our goals and achievements and check in with each other. Who is in? (we can share mobile numbers via PM)

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