Mustachian portfolios


Yes - that past performance is not a guarantee of future returns. Don’t they print that in every factsheet these days? More important to pay attention to what’s inside than past performance

With regards to costs both are rock solid choices and charge you peanuts. You’ll spend way more on other things like taxes.


I was just looking at VOO this weekend and seemed interesting to me.
with its Expense Ratio of 0.04%

I’m just re-organizing my portfolio as well.
Crypto looks good for short trading
I’ll come back with more


For the time being I decided for the following portfolio:

50% VT
20% VOO
5% iShares Swiss Bond 7+
6% Cryptos (BTC/ETH/LTC/DASH)
9% Cash

What do you think about it? Specially about my decision to go for VT + VOO and keep very few Bonds?
BTW, I mean, did you see at BTC today? Really crazy… I think it did more than 25% in one day, I even saw it at 20000CHF/BTC at some point…


Well, they’re overlapping, VOO ⊂ VT. Not a bad thing in itself if you intend to overweight America, but otherwise not much benefit either. I’d pick VTI instead of VOO, it’s more balanced - covers all market caps.

Those aren’t the bonds you’re looking for

Weighted Av YTM as of 06/Dec/2017 -0.15%
Minus Total Expense Ratio TER -0.15%
Minus Distribution Yield as of 06/Dec/2017 -1.65% x say, 35% taxes you’d be paying on it

Subtotal: -0.88% of profit per year

It’s so crazy that it’s not funny anymore. It flatlined… vertically


Can you specify which one?
I just got rid of my position in UBS UBS (CH) Equity Fund - Swiss High Dividend (CHF) P Securities no.: 12727638

I was holding that one within my UBS banking account but costs are way too expensive.


Hi there,
sorry for the delay, the UBS ETF has this ISIN: CH0111762537 and I’m holding it on DEGIRO, so it should be fair. About the bond I think @hedgehog is right, it’s performing quite badly… I should sell it but what to take in place of it? just go for another etf and ignore bonds for the time being? or also go crazy and move it to the cryptos :slight_smile: but must admit that it continues to hold and the total market capitalization of cryptos continues to grow… unless it’s going remarkably down anytime soon I’d say it will hold… let’s see…



@hedgehog Could you please say more about this scheme? I would also appreciate if you would deliberate a bit more on your investing philosophy. Thanks.


I’m planning to start with a broad, simple and hopefully robust portfolio consisting of:

47% VT
53% VWO, taking into account that VT already has about 10 % emerging markets, this would make a total of 25-30% EM

Maybe 10% some factor ETF, maybe small caps or value for the cost of reducing VT.

This comes in addition to the VIAC Global 100 3d pillar 100% stock strategy.

In total this creates the following geographical distribution:

28% Europe
34% North America
8% Pacific
30% Emerging markets

This portfolio is inspired by Gerd Kommer’s world portfolio “World portfolio” by Gerd Kommer

Any suggestions or criticism?


VWO is only EM. Are you sure about that ? The total invest in EM will be 53% + (10% * 47%)=57.7

in any cases, take an Emerging market fund based in IE instead of US. This will avoid the U.S withholding tax.
I would recommend:
Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets UCITS ETF
iShares Core MSCI Emerging Markets IMI UCITS ETF


Don’t you get that “back” when filing the swiss tax declaration?


Since I’ll have 3d pillar with 10% EM and VT with 10%, adding some pure EM will dilute it to 30% over the whole portfolio.

Both ETFs that you suggested have a 0.25% TER vs. 0.14% of VWO. Do you think that saving on tax will compensate this? As I understand you need to pay TER on the whole sum every year, but you pay the tax just on dividends, which should be much smaller, right?


Have a look at this topic Tax optimisation for ETF investing


Yes, it seems to be better.

However I still don’t really get it completely. If I understand it correctly, then if means that with Vanguard IE ETF you won’t have the extra 15% withholding tax from the US. But you’ll have to pay about 15% of the Swiss income tax for these dividends in both cases. It comes to 15+15% for VWO, but only 15% for the Vanguard IE ETF, right?


Only because these ETFs don’t have any US holdings


Thanks for your input about the taxes. I optimized for that and now my optimal portfolio would look like this:

Average TER: 0.14%. Total number of companies: 3969.


congrats! looks like a rock solid diversified, low-cost long term investment portfolio! unless you decide for 100% stocks, consider also diversification in non-stock-assets.


Good portfolio.
Contrary to @nugget, I think that 100% stock is fine


I am 100% stocks myself :wink: and i thought alot about it, means I am quite convinced^^


Sorry, I misunderstood your post


haha no problem :slight_smile: .