Mustachian phone plan [2023]

I guess the full Mustachian way would be to have no cellular subscription at all but instead use the widely available WiFi instead.

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Or You get 300kbits/s for free, but have to watch a short advert every hour. But to be honest: without or with slow mobile Internet, so much is not possible that it is worthwhile for most users to have one (Opportunity costs …).

I guess my point is, that I’m almost never far from a WiFi point so I can get the internet via WiFi instead.

I’ve never used wi-fi on SBB trains, is it fast and reliable? I remember wanting to try it out once, but stopped when the onboarding process asked me for my mobile number.

Also I often use local trains (S-Bahn) and city buses, no wi-fi there I guess.

Do they have Wi-Fi on trains?
Last I checked they only offered cellular boosters in ICx trains, and the data you consume isn’t billed to you if you check-in on the SBB FreeSurf app. From my experience it works quite well, and was the very reason I did not require an unlimited data plan before covid.

At least not on S-Bahn and RE trains.

Hardly true for large majority of (internet-hooked) people. :slight_smile:
Anywhere except for home, work, airports or some shops - it’s not really there for general leisure time (walking around cities, nature).

I do agree it would be better to disconnect more often, but some people simply “need” their constant fix.

hi Markus, did you use Firsty? I was wondering what the user experience was like (for the free plan).

That’s probably 90% of my time already. And the rest, it probably time it would be good to be off the phone.

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I tested it for 2-3 days in February, but it was too slow for my purposes.

Downloaded the app, logged in via Apple ID (without having to enter any further information), added the eSIM, done. As soon as the internet stopped working, you had to open the app and watch 30s of adverts. After that I had internet again for 1 hour.

But it’s a startup, I had the feeling that the information didn’t match everywhere, because apparently a few details had changed over time. So I don’t know what it looks like today. Back then, there wasn’t even a proper imprint.

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Would be quite drastic. Main issue I see is that the counterpart of the phonecalls would also need to be on internet the whole time, which is not the case when you use VoIP from the usual mobile companies. In this case, they will still bill you the same way for the phonecall as if you are on cellular connection (so usually free within CH if you have some subscription), but gives you better reception.

The other person does not need to be connected to the internet.

So it’s not really a cheaper alternative to cellular connections but as @ma0 said:

… and thereby you get a better experience :wink:


I had contact with Quickline because of the slow network. They would let me cancel the contract without costs at any time that I want.

I‘ll give it another go and decide.

Very accommodating!
I hope, you will find a good solution - I will stay with them until end of contract and - depending on their offer - I can imagine staying with them.

Yallo “summer black friday” offer live again.
Could still be one of the best deals for international roaming out there (even with slightly increased prices from before)

instead of 111.- ? They could have written “instead of one million”…