Mustachian phone plan [2023]

Vote with you feet and go with another provider.

I normally only had very low usage. Typically <5GB per month. But in the last months, exploring AI, I’ve been downloading a lot. Probably hundreds of gigabytes each month (large language models). No problem with UPC Cablecom so far.

This is crazy… I regularly get >80 GB, sometimes >100 GB per month and Galaxus never complained (yet).

It makes sense though. I remember seeing statistics that the top minority of users are responsible for a huge amount of the bandwidth costs, so it makes financial sense to limit them or get rid of them.

I think you cannot compare internet costs between India and Switzerland.

The population density in India in urban areas is quite high. So the higher asset utilisation of communication infrastructure reduces the capital costs per GB of usage to a very low number. And also the variable costs would be lower as wages are lower in India vs CH.

In Switzerland it wouldn’t be possible.

Large user base brings advantages of scale in India , China etc.

yeah it makes financially sense, but its still (at least morally) wrong. If you advertise something as ‘unlimited’ then make it unlimited or at least something ridiculously high like 5 TB.

It would be as if Spotify lets you pay for music, but it only keeps those that listen to 5 min per day and punishes the others, because it makes financially sense for them.


I stumbled upon this offer: Trophy | Coop Mobile (DE / FR / IT only)

  • Swisscom network
  • Unlimited CH calls / texts
  • 8 GB data over 4G (accumulative) - 4 GB after 2 years
  • No activation costs
  • 100 CHF Coop gift card
  • 14.95 CHF per month - double after 2 years
  • 2 year contract
  • → the “trophy” and “promo-code thing” is misleading as one can sign up right a way e.g. in the Interdiscount shop

The 100 CHF Coop gift card reduces the costs for the first 24 month down to 10.75 CHF per month.

IMO, a pretty good deal for users with low data usage and where Swisscom network is a must…

Hey everyone - planning to move to Wingo because cost-wise would be similar to what I currently have with Sunrise and it is advertised to be on the Swisscom network.

Just a small question to anyone who has been with Wingo, do you guys validate that the coverage and network availability is the same as someone that would be under “real” Swisscom?

Same discussion as every year, James.

I can recommend getting a pre-paid card by various telecom providers to check the coverage for the areas where you are most. For some, Wingo is best, for other Sunrise and for others it’s Salt.

In the end, it is a very individual decision - I had with Salt 1.2gbit/s in areas whery my Wingo-colleague had 350mbit/s. And in other areas, he had better coverage than me.

Depends also, where your focus is:

  • coverage in buildings, underground parkings, tunnels
  • coverage in the city/urban area
  • coverage in the mountains

Thanks for the update - as I mentioned, was really interested on personal experience with Wingo

You can also get GPS tower location maps to see which towers you will be using and what speeds they support.

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I’ve switched from QoQa x Sunrise Mobile to Wingo few years ago and I didn’t have any issue. The network is quite similar in my experience and for both network I’ve never lost a signal so you can, in my view, change without fear.

The reason to change was to pay less, because I didn’t need unlimited data roaming at the end as I’m not traveling a lot out of Switzerland. Now I’m considering to take the offer at 34.95 frs at Wingo, instead of my current 24.95 for unlimited swiss and 2 Go in Europe.

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This argument is used a lot in Switzerland and certainly applies to labor-intensive processes. When it comes to telecom, I would believe it to be a very automated business.

I don’t know where technology for 4G and 5G comes from, but it’s probably a global market with the same prices everywhere.

This sounds like the most valid argument.

The essence is that I don’t fear for TalkTalk’s livelihood anymore when I pay them only 11.- per month.

Actually, maybe just that the operators in India never make any profit on their telecom business. Since most of the players are part of mega-conglomerates (Tata, Reliance etc.), it is more about gaining market share now than making profit. You just cross-finance it from a different division.
This would also explain the amount of players entering and exiting the market.

Just a side not, when in India, I had incredible network, also in the rural areas. I would not be surprised that there is a government scheme to subsidise the network coverage.

Another point : I would argue, that yes you have some megacities in india, but a vast majoritiy of the population is stil living in rural and hard to reach areas. The local densitiy is often much lower than what we would experience here in Europe and the topography and geography in general is much more difficult. Hence, I would argue that building a covering network in India is much more difficult than in most European areas (and thus have higher cost/user). I guess this would apply for China as well, whereas the population is much more urbanised (just a wild guess, was never in China).

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Don’t trust maps. If you are really scared by getting the wrong provider, just buy 3 prepaid sims and test it yourself. I have Swisscom and can’t use it in some specific locations inside the building where I work.


There are limitations with what maps will tell, you but at least you can see the nearby towers and what level of technology is supported on it.

Detailed things such as traffic/contention/signal to your specific location can only really be done by specific testing. But if you see there are, for example, no 5G towers for a specific provider in your area, you can already help you to narrow things down.

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I’m always carrying two phones. Until last fall, one was with Wingo and the other with M-budget Mobile. For prices reasons, they’re now with Mucho and Coop Mobile. I can’t remember an instance when they had coverages differing enough for me to notice.

Interesting, never heard about Mucho.
But is it true that it operates under the Swisscom network?

So they claim and so I’ve observed. Why do you doubt it?

Another consideration is, whether people have WLAN in these indoor settings and if the phone allows Voice Over IP. Solved the reception problem for me once I switched to a VoIP-capable phone.

I’ve never understood those technologies. Nowhere it’s clear what they mean. I’d expect Salt/Swisscom and Co. means that you can call wherever there is a wifi, but instead they probably mean that they are going to “steal” your wifi to help their insufficient net. :smiley:

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