Mustachian phone plan [2022]

If you travel in EU or outside and are looking for a 2 sim solution I can suggest Salt prepaid for calling/sms. They allow Wi-Fi calling over Wi-Fi or Mobile data of other SIM card even when you travel outside Switzerland. So you just manually select salt network and leave the coverage area - either a tunnel or outside Switzerland) the SIM card will work as if it’s is Switzerland (making and receiving calls/ sms) provided you are connected to Wi-Fi or have active cellular data on other SIM

Nice BF deal by Coop mobile

  • Unlimited SMS/calls in Swizterland
  • 3GB internet 4G
  • Non-expiring roaming data packs available as options
  • Swisscom network

For 9.95/month

Perfect for small consumers, perhaps worth considering for digitec connect users who used to (ab)use vouchers.


Nice but limited to 24 months.

Still a top offer!

How does this wizardy works? :slight_smile:
I’ve never seen the wifi calling working and I supposed it was just a way for telcoms to use our wifi for their gains (especially if you pay per minute).

Wi-Fi calling is not strictly available with Wi-Fi network only. It just needs data connection- and it could be the other sim in your phone.

You can’t manually choose Wi-Fi calling in your mobile network settings ( at least I am not aware of such an option). You can only enable or disable it.

I have it enabled for my salt prepaid sim. For me, Wi-Fi calling kicks in if my salt sim signal is too low (1-2 bars) and I am connected to Wi-Fi or other sim has data connection on. Sure I end up using my data from other sim (or home/ office Wi-Fi) , but it is much cheaper for me to do that than having my Salt sim go to roaming (my office is close to border ) and either accidentally paying roaming charges for receiving / making calls or having no signal at all.

It’s not a use case for everyone but is useful for me.

To my knowledge, only salt allows Wi-Fi calling worldwide. Sunrise and Swisscom allow it only within Switzerland. I had salt sim anyways so didn’t try others.

BUT you can try it with other providers as follows. Enable Wi-Fi calling. Manually select the Swisscom/ sunrise network. If you are abroad with no signal, connect to Wi-Fi. At the top of phone it will start showing Wi-Fi Calling instead of your network name. And you will be charged as if you are inside Swiss network area.


Migros mobile offers the same deal with 4GB of data for the same price, also valid for 24 months.

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Talktalk‘s Swiss Deal is back:

„Unlimited everything in Switzerland“ plus 1GB roaming @ CHF 11/month.

I think so, yes (though I personally don’t worry much.

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Juste received an email from MUCHO mobile :slight_smile:

New plans and black friday prices.

Edit : limitations : (1) L’Internet inclus dans l’abonnement est livré en débit Top Speed. “Top Speed” signifie que le débit est au maximum Dowload ¦ Upload: 30 Mbit/s ¦ 5 Mbit/s. La définition vidéo est livrée en 480p max. La fonctionnalité Hotspot est disponible en débit au maximum en Download de 10Mbit/s et en Upload de 5Mbit/s.

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I wonder how they control such things. The 30Mbit/s should be enough for 4k video. Do they analyze the internet traffic and slow down video data?

Not possible in HTTPs, unless you replace the website certificate with yours, meaning your users would get scary warning messages on every page.

They could however recognize the endpoint (eg: youtube) basing themselves on a reverse DNS lookup and slow you down.

Is there a limit to the up/down connection? Respectively, is there a data limit (unlimited does not always mean unlimited…).

Any opinion on the quality of service and porting of an existing number?

i have talktalk since about a year.

It works fine, but clearly not as reliable and as fast as I hoped (i was on 4g before, now 5g).
It’s fine for 11/month, as I have fiber at home.
If you rely only on your 5g connection and are a heavy user, it’s probably worth spending a few extra bucks

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Thanks for sharing your experience.
As a data intensive user (I frequently use my mobile as a modem when I travel), I will keep my Wingo subscription which works stable and reliable.

hi @nabalzbhf do you have a link to that offer? I only found unlimited data for watches with very slow speeds. What speed is your unlimited tablet deal at?

Doesn’t seem discounted so much this year.

This was the We Connect Surf last year, I guess they realized it was cannibalizing their existing range too much.

I hope they’ll have one next year because the offer was just for 2y.

If you are quick, you can get Yallo (still Sunrise :slight_smile: ) Black with everything unlimited at 23.95 CHF / month forever. But I think it’s until midnight.

Otherwise I would be tempted to go for the 9.95 CHF GoMo as well… but it’s not good for roaming and I would miss it


I would prefer talktalk rather than gomo.

Sunrise network, but 24 months contract.
11 chf per month unlimited in CH and 1gb roaming!

PM for refferal :wink: