Mustachian Car: Should I buy gas, EV or hybrid?

I’m planning to buy a new car at some point - my Skoda Octavia is already 11 years old, so the time to switch to something else is coming. I was thinking about buying another Skoda Octavia 3-5 years old. Any other recommendations? And I’ve read that EVs costs per km are super low. Should I buy gas, EV, or hybrid car?

PS. In terms of EV, do you need a place to charge it? I have a parking lot outside and I’m not able to get a cable there…

I have heard fast charging stations have an impact on the battery life and that slow, home charging is preferable, not sure how big of an issue it is.


I’d ask the landlord for the possibility to get a CEE16 socket at your parking spot wired up with your power counter as a first step. They might be open minded.

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It’s unlikely, it’s an old block and my parking place is outside in front of a garage used as a storage room by my neighbor. There’s no wall next to it, it would have to be somehow built next to the parking place.

If you are not driving that often and if you feel okay ‚not owning‘ one, Mobility can also make sense. I use it for both business and private cases and I am quite happy with it. For the numbers you can check @thepoorswiss blog. He did the math for mustachians :smile:

I was using Mobility before my son was born. The main disadvantage was vacationing when I wanted to go somewhere for a couple of days and stay there - with Mobility this is not very cost-efficient. I eventually bought a car when my son was born - renting a car before going to the doctor or hospital with a sick kid would be too much of a pain in the neck.

I don’t drive too often. I basically use the car only on weekends to get from the suburbs of Zug, where I live, to the supermarket and Ökihof. Otherwise, I mostly use bikes - both to commute to the railway station on workdays and to get to the beach in Zug or Cham on weekends (maybe except the beach in Unteraegeri - that one is a bit too far for a bike trip with a kid).

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You may also want to compare the ecological impact of the three options, not only the financial one :slight_smile:

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That’s why I’m considering an EV or hybrid - I think it makes sense both ecologically and financially. And I do try to bike whenever I can (it’s also good for my health :wink: ).

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You are having a family proof car, dont drive to often, targetting a mustachian option? Just keep yours for another 10 years. Adapt your insurance policy and thats it.

I doubt you will habe financially an advantage with a car with lower costs per km since you dont drive often.

How many km does your octavia have? Any troubles with the car?


That’s a good point :slight_smile: Both financially and ecologically, the best course of action would be to keep your car even longer. But if it’s falling to pieces, that may not be possible.

I spoke with my garagist about this recently and he recommended me to buy another gas car (he sells both) if I’m not able to get electricity to the parking space where I park my car. Fast chargers are only emergency solutions or to occasionally charge the battery on longer trips but you should use a slow charger at home for the regular charging.

He said this is actually the main inhibitor in Switzerland that prevents electric car adoption because most people rent their flats and most don’t have a place where to charge their car. He thinks it’s not a problem to buy a gas car now because of that problem we will see gas cars still for a very long time in Switzerland.

It’s a bit like IPv6 adoption, if there is no reason/inventive to do it, companies won’t do it and will remain still for ages on the old version. The same with electric car charging stations, why should a landlord be willing to pay for charging stations for electric cars, if it works also without and tenants will rent the flats anyway.

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That’s actually not a bad idea. The biggest problem with my car is the crappy and slow air conditioner - otherwise, everything else is ok. What do you mean by adapting my insurance policy - what can I do about it?

My car has 150k km driven and I have no problems with it.

That was my impression as well. Thank for the confirmation. By the way, did he say anything about hybrids?

That’s pretty sad. But frankly, if it wasn’t an astronomical price, I’d be even willing to share the price of installing a new charging station. In my case the problem is, however, the location of the parking lot - it’s just in the middle of the pavement in front of the block.

Didn’t ask about that. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing somehow, I guess it adds some complexity to the car and as such there is more stuff that can break, but I don’t know. I drove a rented one some time ago and felt it’s a bit strange that the car is silent and sometimes it starts the engine which is a bit weird. I don’t have the hybrid model on my radar currently.

I heard of costs between 5k-10k CHF but don’t know if it’s true. I guess a few landlords would share costs but large pension funds for example often don’t give a damn and you pay it by yourself. That’s why most people don’t do it. For many people it is not possible to pay 5k-10k for a charging station.


I dont know how you are insured. With a car getting old, people often forget to cancel Vollkasko or Parkschaden etc.

Did you check if you have enough coolant in the system? Or maybe small leak, which causes bad AC performance (suggesting that it wasnt always an issue)

IMHO when you can charge over night no need to have a 16A plug. I know 3 people charging with 230V, over night, one of them even need to take the cable reel. Might be a solution if you have 230V in your Garage rented by the neighbor.

But for 15k km/year I would enjoy your Octavia. He seems to be well maintained. A new used car always is kind if a pandorra box.

I can confirm 8-10k CHF for 16A charging stations and I think 30k CHF for fastcharger.


AC is a rather complex system, but a weak AC issue often comes from small leaks letting the refrigerant exit (this gas is dilated → produces cold which is blown inside, and then compressed → produces heat which is evacuated through the engine collant radiator). I would go to a local garage to see if they can “recharge” the refrigerant system, to see if it solves the issue.

My advice would also be to keep the old car, as 11 years is not too old and 150 000km not too much, if you do all services and reparations on time. I would advise to delete the voll- or even teilkasko and only keep the mandatory insurance, to save some money, though.


I’m not that old. :stuck_out_tongue: On serious note, I have only mandatory insurance. There’s a reason why I bought a car worth less than 10k - I wanted to save on insurance and not feel regret if I crash it (it’s my first car after getting my driving license).

Good points, I’ll go to my garage and ask them to check up on the AC.

My neighbor is actually pulling his 230V cable through the window and through the pavement to his car. I think it must be a pain in the ass and frankly, it looks ridiculous.

It’s actually less than that. I bought it with 100k km six years ago, so basically I did 55k during that time, so it’s ~9-10k per year.

Maybe it’s not a bad idea. I do the services on time at my local Skoda garage. One annoying thing is that when something breaks or is getting old then the cost of repair/replacement is 2-3k - more than the car is worth probably.


Plus, the charging speed is ca. 10 km/h…


I owned a Prius a couple of years ago. I absolutely loved to drive this car, it’s comfortable and used like 3-4 litres/100 km. As I’m living in a mid-sized Swiss city now, I don’t have a car, but am a Mobility lifetime member.


I was considering a Toyota hybrid. I think plug-in option might be interesting. I think that will be my next car - Toyotas are famous for reliability.