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Hi everyone I’m Mr. Cheese

I got into FIRE about 1.5 years ago and started more seriously tracking my finances in the beginning of 2019. I’m in my early 30’s with a wife and a son. I’m working in IT and making some 250k a year.
Mr. RIP got me heavily inspired to start blogging and when I discovered the european P2P investing sphere last November I made the inspiration a reality.
My current plan is to accumulate some 60-100k CHF every year in my P2P Portfolio and retire in 7-17 years (I’m on the fence to wait for my son to be old enough to decide if he wants to join us wherever we choose to retire or not).

So the blog documents my journey of getting there.
Check out the blog at and leave some feedback on how you like it. Blogging is still somewhat new to me.

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100% of your wealth in p2p? That sounds somewhat bold.

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All future wealth, yes. Currently I have ~100k CHF in Stocks (Truewealth), 70k CHF in Cryptos and 850k CHF (minus 680k CHF mortgage) in an apartment.

Have one or two more kids!

No thank you. We had relatively quickly kids after meeting and marrying and it took a big toll of your relationship. We’re happy with the one healthy boy and that’s it.

C/p from your blog:
“The deposits happened around the 3rd of February and I hope the money is able to generate some nice income this month already.
I will soon start a post series about due diligence of each platform. I will check if there are owners existing with valid LinkedIn profiles, if the companies hide their buisness addresses and where they are hosting their websites.”

So you first deposit (tens of) thousands of euros to the platforms, and then you go about performing due dilligence?
Not much to say than - best of luck, you will need it (with these P2P investments).


You’re totally nuts.


From the blog:

Minimum XIRR of 12% or more

Can you explain the economics of how that would be possible (with the efficient market hypothesis and the modern portfolio theory)? Or that’s the return before taking into account defaults? (but then what’s the actual return, a few % or less?)

I have the impression the best way to earn money is to create a p2p-lending blog, not actually use the platforms but collect the money from affiliate link from all the people who want to follow a get rich quick scheme.

I thought originally the FIRE community was more about having a steady saving rate and diversified long term investments.


Thanks, same to you.

Which part? The 60-100k or the P2P part?

Maybe I pivot to value investing at some point like other bloggers :wink:

Yet another p2p blogger making bank with affiliate links. Yawn.


How is that different from any other blogger? MP seems to make some decent money with his blog too.

What other monetization strategies for bloggers would be more legitimate?

That’s why I don’t read almost none of these bloggers including whoever runs this forum.

There is little knowledge to be gained from blogs like this or yours for me. As a seasoned investor and wannabe quant I guess I’m not your target audience :slight_smile:

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The P2P part of course. I looked at your blog. Seems to me like you already gave away at least 25% of your money to probable scammers. You should be doing due diligence before serving recommendations via your blog.


MP at least seems to advertise for reasonable good products… not for high-risk semi-scam things.

Not sure where you see advertisement in my blog. I just document my journey and don’t recommend one platform over another specifically.

We get it. You don’t mind any commision dripping in, doesn’t matter from which platform.

How can you make this statement? You know it is false, every p2p lender is linked via a referral link on your blog.

Why don’t you just invest it in VT?

Yeah I link to all plattforms, I do want the blog to be an additional income source at some point. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

Why not just VT?
I don’t want to need to accumulate some 3 Mio. CHF with a 3% SWR but instead have more risk appetite for higher returns. Also I think a stock market fall is likely in 2020 (yeah maybe irrational and timing the market but whatever)

I fully understand that my timing with the blog was a bit unfortunate with the collapsing platforms but I didn’t expect such a hostile community here to be honest.

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