MP's book in Le point J

Hi all,

I like to listen to Le point J, a podcast made by RTS. Today, they mentioned @_MP’s book in the show (link here).

Has anyone read it? It triggers my curiosity I’m considering buying it.


I read it (disclaimer: MP gave it to me) and made a review on my blog:

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Please buy the book, I can recommend it :slight_smile:
And support our mustachianpost leader – we have here a small open-minded board community.

As a superfan cited in the “Remerciements” page :slight_smile: I can warmly recommend this book to anyone, especially those starting their journey. It covers pretty much everything. If you want more details I think Mr Poor Swiss has nicely dissected the book in his blog post.


I haven’t read the whole thing yet, but the parts I saw were good enough for me to gift it to a few people in my family for christmas :grinning:


Is he really making 5000chf /month from the blog? Incredible

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All those FIRE people making most of their revenue from their blog about FIRE or from referral from e.g. p2p lending remind me of


who ? Mustachianpost ?

Yep. I was impressed too. But knowing how Neon and Revolut pay well for referrals it’s not that surprising.

Ah Ok, then it is not going to last long enough to FIRE on it. To grow their worth for sure.

Have read it, but still waiting for the book to come by post :smiley:
Really liked it!

Same here as @Dtrogen. Waiting for the (french) paper copy to appear in my letterbox.
Although most information can be found in the blogposts or forum, I really like to have a coherent form, with an index, and that I can access offline anytime. And concerning the price, so many pieces of advice given in the book will make me spare so much more than the actual price, so totally worth it. And psychologically, paying for some form of tutorial or course makes me more committed to applying the principles. And after having read a book with a beginning and an end, I feel more focused about what’s to be done (the next steps on the path to FIRE) than after having just spent endless evenings reading scattered things on the www.
However, as @thepoorswiss pointed out, I’ll most probably invest on a monthly basis, rather than every quarter.

Thanks @Ru3di for pointing us to this podcast: The interviewed psychology researcher “expert” had the usual notions on FIRE (et m’a donné des boutons), but that’s the expected reaction from outsiders of FIRE… Keep spreading the word, but only to the right audience.

If you like @_MP’s blogposts on his website, you’ll like the book even more. It describes the path to FIRE in an organised way and @thepoorswiss described it well. (disclaimer: I was part of the first wave of backers)