MP Meetup with City Tour in Lucerne

Hey everyone

I was curious if i can get together some forum members in Zug for a dinner or Beer sometime soon.
What do you think?

hey @MrCheese, yea we could do that. curious if many will join. to my knowledge there were a few people on the forum living around zg

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I would come depending on the date

I would definitly come, no matter the date.

We have at least 10-15 mustachians in Kanton Zug. I hope some of them come by.

Best wishes

I’ll setup a doodle next week when I’m back from holidays.

You can use the results of the CH-Mustachian poll to guesstimate :wink:
(and contribute via the link at the bottom right if you haven’t done so already - we are near 100 entries now)


Is this taking place now? I’d also join

As promised the Doodle:
I will lock down the voting this Sunday and the day with the most participants will be choosen.

I’m open for inputs for places to meet but would suggest Mr. Pickwick Pub for now.

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I just met a friend in the Pier41 bar next to the train station, they had rather fair prices of 5.- for a beer… Shall we meet there?

Is it still up to date? Can I join you too?

Sure, please fill the doodle linked above.

would definitely be nice to see you again…i’m really curios about your parenting stories in the meanwhile :slight_smile: hope to see you soon

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Long time no see! Looking forward to catch up! :slight_smile:

PS. It seems we will have to catch up next time. Most people have chosen dates past 5th of September, when I start two weeks vacation. :frowning:

Since this is my first time organising a meet up, how do people recognize each other? Exchanging phone numbers or reserving a table for “Meetup” or wearing something specific? Feels like a blind date, lol

A moustache! Natural or by Edding.


Lol, or a bird call sign. xD do we also have serious suggestions or experiences from previous meetups?

Take sheet of A4 paper with you. Fold it in half and it makes a sign. Write something like ”ETF” on both sides. Or draw a moustache. Or both.

When you are on location you could also post an update (whatsapp group or here) about which table you got.

P.S. In Zug Pier 41 is better for meetups than Pickwick’s. It’s quieter and I think the prices are fair. The challenge in both is that it’s sometimes hard to find a table for a bigger group (5+).

A good big location is Freiruum in the Siemens area. Plenty of tables and space. Freiruum has loads of options for food but less for drinks because they are in cahoots with Schützengarten.

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Thanks for the suggestions. Pier41 seems to take reservations, so I don’t think we should have problems finding a big enough table.

I leave the Doodle open a bit longer for now the 8th or 10th of September are the most likely dates. I will choose the one with the nicer weather forcast when they come out in a few days and then close.

Ok the Doodle is closed. Let’s fix next Thursday 10th of September 18:30 at Pier 41 in Zug (next to the trainstation). I’ll try to reserve a table for 6 under the name “MP Meetup Zug”.

Looking forward to meet you all in person :slight_smile:

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