MP Meetup with City Tour in Lucerne

This will happen next Thursday, can the people who marked the Doodle confirm that they still have time?

I’ll be there if I’m not ill by then

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I will be there. See you on Thursday at Pier 41.

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Will be there as well

I checked out Pier 41 today again. Definitely suitable for our meetup. See you on Thursday.

Duh, bad news… Looks like my cold from last week now turned into coughing. I’m optimistic it’s not Corona but I guess it would be inappropriate/irresponsible to show up like this tomorrow.
Shall we reschedule or do the others want to meet each other regardless?

Since you organized it you should also be there.

I vote for postponing.

Hope you get better soon.

Organizing will not get better with waiting.

Is the table under “mustachian post” still ordered? Because I would like to use this opportunity for a meetup. Mr. Cheese will surely see us at Meetup Nr. 2

Yep the table is still reserved. As “MP Meetup Zug”.

Ok then I come as well.
See you tonight

Let me know how it was :’(

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It was nice, there were three of us. Was fun. See you next time!

It was great talking to you. :smiley:

We should do so more often.
Let me know when anyone from Zentralschweiz or Zürich will be organizing a new meetup. I will be there.

What cadence do you suggest? I’m healthy again and up for it any time.

I would also be in, but probably only in Zurich.

I would be up to give a somewhat improptu City Tour in Lucerne too (lived there for 4 years and worked there for 10).

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I’m in for the City Tour in Lucerne. Short notice 1-2 days is okay.

For most people in the forum you would need 1 week of ahead-planning-time, i guess. So maybe you can start a new doodle as of 21th of September, hopefully it is good weather till then.

Tada: link removed due to low participation.

Looks like the weather of the next week doesn’t look great…

I’ve updated the Poll with dates further out since the next good weather seems to be on the 30st of September.

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