MP Forum Meetup in Zug, 28th of June

Dear Mr. Cheese,

Thanks so much for organising this meet-up. Any chance of joining you guys on the 28th of July in Zug? Would be great to meet some like-minded people for a couple of drinks in my city.


Sure, there are usually always one or two last minute cancellations.

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looking forward to meet you guys

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Friendly reminder, this is happening Wednesday 28th of July at 18:30 in Zug at Pier 41. Looking forward seeing you all :slight_smile:

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Hi Mr. Cheese,
I’m Ania and I’m a new user in this forum. Would be awesome to meet you guys in Zug ! Just one question is 28th July or 21 th July (this Wednesday) ?

Looking forward to see you !

28th of July, sorry :slight_smile: looking forward to meet you.

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Enjoy folks.
I hope that I will not be in holidays next time

Can I get another round of raised hands to see if I need to adjust the reservation to more people? The meetup is this Wednesday 28th of July 18:30 at Pier 41 regardless of weather. I’ll probably go to Subway 30mins before incase someone wants to join.

I have the following ppl confirmed so far:

  • Me
  • Alvo
  • Sparta
  • sindbad
  • kane
  • amelia123
  • Julianek
  • Curly
  • @lv24

The following showed interest:

And a table for 6 8 10 ppl :nerd_face:


confirming my attendence on Wednesday. How do we find eachother @ Pier 41? Reservation under a specific name?

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Also confirming my attendance, yes - what is the name reservation, otherwise I will have problems to recognize you guys.
Looking forward !

Will join in some other time, can‘t do this Wednesday due to other commitments.

I did mention “MP Forum Meetup” during the reservation. Otherwise we just wave to people that look lost :smiley:

I plan to attend as well.

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A bit last minute, but I also plan to come.


Hey guys, sorry i would have to skip this time as i have a physio appointment in evening. Hopefully next time !

Hello. Will join as well. :+1:t4:

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Would love to join. Need to get a pass from Head of Family :crazy_face:
Will update later.

Get a big mustache on the table :clown_face:

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hey @MrCheese, confirming that i’m also coming! perhaps will also stop in subway before. any way to hook up there ?

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Would have been great, but i’m still travelling this week so won’t make it this time.

I’d love to join but I too will be travelling.

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