MP Forum Meetup in Zug, 28th of June

Summer is here, “everyone” is vaccinated and it’s warm and sunny outside. Anybody up for meetups?
Suggested locations are Lucerne or Zug.

Zug is perfect for me, but Lucerne or Zurich is fine as well.

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I‘d be up for it but only from end of July, if planning takes a while :wink:

I’d hopefully be able to join you in Zug.

Zug would be nice, mid July onwards.

I am in also.

Lucerne or Zug or Zurich, doesnt matter.

would prefer ZG and probably starting second half of July

#metoo for Zug meeting

Seems like lots of people are living in Zug, maybe I should move :crazy_face:

Zurich and Lucerne would be closer for me. Second half of July or first half of August would be good for me.

I’ll post some Doodle link next week.

I’d be also interested to join, based in Zug

Vote for Zug from my side as well!

Here we go the official Poll: <Poll closed, write below if you wanna sign up last minute>

Please vote until next Monday if possible. First date with most people will be selected.

I am flexible for dates but prefer Lucerne, Zurich, Basel or Bern, Zug is twice further for me :slight_smile:

Let’s do a meet up in Lucerne after the Zug one then :slight_smile:


Looks like it will be the 28th of July, any other people that want to join?

I assume this is 6.30pm?

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Bahahah, yes yes it was supposed to be 18:30 stupid 12 hour mode websites…

I further fucked up the Doodle… however the date is locked.

28th of July at 18:30 in Zug at Pier 41. I’ll reserve a table for 6 people.

Looking forward to see you there.

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