Mortgage renewal condition

Hi !

I’m having so much pressure in my job and after a serious fight with my director, I was going to send my resignation letter but…

Once I calmed down, I just remembered that the new mortgage I’ve negociated will take place next year. The documents are signed and returned to the BCV (Banque Cantonale Vaudoise).

The big question is : do I need to provide a work certificate ?

Any feedback from someone who renewed his mortage at the BCV lately will be extremeley appreciated. Depending of the answers, I’ll decide if the letter I’ll send to my stupid director will be a “bye-bye” or a “sorry” one…

Greetings !

Can’t help with the actual question but don’t you think you’ll have a new job until next year if you quit now? I mean that’s still 7 months to go and not sure if you need it exactly on the first of January …

Another strategy to get out of this situation could be to look now actively for a new job and once you have one you quit the old one. But I know, sometimes it’s tempting to rage quit :wink:

Yes, but seeking another job requires energy and motivation… and I’m out of stock right now. I should leave asap before joining the list of the numerous colleagues in burn-out.

Depending if the bonuses from the current employer were taken into account and are essential. If you switch to a new employer, the bonuses from the past and last employer will mostly not taken into account - BCV doesn‘t do that as well, if I am right.

To OP: the mortgage giving bank wants to have in general the most recent documents like payslips, wage statement and so on, when the mortgage starts.

This is normally the case. But as Patron suggested: why not applying for a new job?

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If you resign, your unemployment allocation will be penalized.

Thanks all,

But the main question is :

For a mortgage renewal, does the BCV (Banque Cantonale Vaudoise) ask for a work certificate ?

I had to provide one when I bought the house (2 years ago).

And no, I’m not going to find another job (read my last answer). I’ll find a new one after a good regenerating break of 6-12 months.

I don’t know of any bank that would ask for these kind of documents for a renewal. Seems extremely unlikely.

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A very related discussion.

They will maybe ask for your last 3 paychecks and your last tax declaration…