Mining / best strategy?

Well, as I use already binance and there they have 5% staking on DOGE, it was a no brainer. Maybe you can have DOGE wallet or so if you don’t wish an exchange.

I would need an exchange such as in case I would like to exchange my DOGE coins for USD, is this correct? I guess my final goal would be then to exchange into USD and buy some VT at IBKR…

I see 1.55% (7day flex)


You need an exchange for conversion to USD. But I never payed out from Binance, only Kraken with a fee of 1 or 2 usd but you have it within 2hr on your account.

right… I thought 5% or they changed it.

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Good tip regarding Kraken, it even pays out in CHF. I think I will open a Kraken account instead of binance. Stupid question again but what is the 1.55% stake on DOGE, does it mean the exchange takes 1.55% commission on your DOGE coin you hold with them?

means saving, you get payed for holding it. 1.55 APY is for accumulating over a year.
But there are fees on converting DOGE to USD. Should check the fee schedule, but kraken is quite cheap.

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I created an account on Kraken and have installed and started using v0.8.2 of nheqmine (Releases · VerusCoin/nheqminer · GitHub). The mining seems to work fine I see a speed of ~10 MH/s and “accepted share” messages on the console. Just on under wallet if I enter the my DOGE wallett address I do not see any stats yet, so I suppose that it takes a bit of time before I see any counters incrementing there…

Nheqmine is an anternative to Nicehash ?

after 30min you should see something…

yes, maybe not that featurefull as nicehash (btw never used), but it’s linked from verus coin website for VRSC mining. The only other miner I used for CPU mining is SRBminer for mining rx2 also on zergpool for DOGE. But just did for few days.

How much total MH/s do you have in order to earn these 80-250 DOGE per week? Based on Verus (VRSC) Mining Calculator and if I enter my 10 MH/s as hashrate I would earn $ 1.61 (without any power costs) which does not look very lucrative… What’s your CPU btw? I am testing right now with two E5-2620@2.0GHz CPUs and 23 threads.

Mining is not lucrative now. Only if you don’t pay hardware and energy…


I have 3900X on my main computer, additionaly on 2 9 years old i7. It was not mining all the time. For the older address, don’t have the logs anymore. I profited from rising VRSC and cheap DOGE. As I mentioned, I don’t pay energy costs…

That’s why I made 39$ in my first 48 hours of mining with 3 CHF in electricity costs?

Thanks for sharing the numbers, it is impressive and in your case profitable. Looks like these AMD Ryzen CPUs make the difference. Too bad I only have Intel Xeons but I might try to scale up…

Case fans are set to 800 RPM. GPU clock -300Mhz, GPU memory clock +700Mhz, 230W power limit and 75% fixed fan speed. CPU/GPU temp is fine, VRAM temp 100-104°C (aim was to be below 105).

Getting 93Mh/s this way. Currently 20-25$/day and constantly exchanging it to ETH. Decided to keep the crypto and look into others aswell to diversify.


yeah, 10$ now are 100$ in 2022…

I was able to buy a Asus 3090 TUF O24G from Digitec for 2299 CHF today. Despite massive overload in their shop system. I was very lucky, they just sold 24 of those and they were gone fast.

Now I’m going to sell my 3080 TUF for 2.3-2.5k and replace it with a much better card for free :smiley:

I will run my old PC with a Palit 1070 aswell, so I’ll should get to 150Mh/s in total. Profits these days are crazy from mining!

If you sell it for 900 - 1’000 CHF I would be interested :joy:

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