[MINI TUTO] TV for free with Swisscom picture quality

Hey ! While reading the Salt TV subject in this forum, I wanted to share with you a life hack in order to obtain TV for free with Swisscom/Sunrise TV picture quality.

Pre-requisite : This might work (or not) depending on your internet connection provider. Test on a PC before purchasing any other hardware like a TV box !

Basically, the IPTV Swisscom or Sunrise signals are publicly available. You just need to grab them in order to watch TV.

On PC : with VLC media player
On TV : I recommend a Formuler IPTV Box. Personnally, I bought this one : FORMULER Z8 Pro (16 GB) - Interdiscount

This box has an IPTV app precharged. You just have to tell the box the URL of the m3u file that contains the IPTV channels. This is very easy. Basically : go into the TV app => add a m3u address => type the adress (a PC keyboard plugged in USB is working) => watch TV

You can also use an app directly on your smart tv !

Annndd… the links :slight_smile:

Choose the one that best fit for you. I tested :

Swisscom TV HD + SD : https://iptv-ch.github.io/swisscom-hd.m3u

Sunrise TV SD/HD : https://iptv-ch.github.io/sunrise-tv.m3u

As Sunrise is my internet provider, the link from Sunrise works better than Swisscom.


Thanks for the links. Unfortunately neither swisscom nor sunrise works for me. My internet is from a local energy provider so that might be the problem.

Wow! I tried it with VLC. It works. That is really impressive.

Can you record it with your IPTV Box in order to mimic replay TV and have the same experience as with wilmaa or zattoo?

What’s your provider out of curiosity?

I have a sunrise Abo with the Qoqa-discount. I pay 29.- for highspeed internet. And 25.- for TV. The latter is way to expensive as I only show Tagesschau. I cannot watch it online as SRF do not offer the replay function.

Then what I suspect is that the link only work for people on sunrise/swisscom. I’d be surprised if the rtp streams are actually public.

Edit: FYI also on sunrise with Qoqa, I use the tvneo app (also works on computer) for 5 CHF/month (main benefit is availability of replay). That said tageschau should be available on srf website, typically all srf/rts programs are available afterwards.

For example: Tagesschau vom 06.01.2022: Mittagsausgabe - Play SRF

I know it is possible to watch Tagesschau afterwards, but I want the full flexibility of replay TV, not have to wait until it’s finished and online to watch it.
About the tvneo app. I thought it is 20.- per month. Do you have a special discount or an older version which could not be available anymore?
The cheapest I found for replay TV are zattoo or wilmaa on my smart TV for 13.- per month.

What is you local energy provider?

Slightly off-topic: The Play SRF app offers the replay function! Just search for Tagesschau and the most recent will stay in top. The evening edition usually shows up somewhere between 20.00-20.30, we watch it multiple times per week around 21.00.

I think it should be possible. But for your case, I would use a chromecast and the RTS SRF app in order to send video on TV.

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It’s ebs.swiss. Site is only available in german AFAIK. I also tested the m3u file while connected to my Wingo(Swisscom) mobile subscription hotspot and it didn’t work there either. I think your connection has to have the IPTV connection enabled either with Swisscom or Sunrise for this to work.

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Looks like it’s 2.5 CHF now: Sunrise TV neo light

edit: actually this one seems to be different from mine, not sure if the requirements are different.

So 2.5 CHF is if you’re a mobile phone subscriber, otherwise that’s Sunrise TV neo

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From the documentation on the github site:
“This will only work on your home network if Swisscom is your broadband provider.”

“This will only work on your home network if Sunrise is your broadband provider.”

and so on

Did you test with https://iptv-ch.github.io/netplus.m3u ?

I know that it does not work with all network provider. This is why it is better to test before purchasing hardware.

I have the qoqa sunrise internet offer for 29 per month. This method allows me to get TV easily for free.

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Thank you for that, it is very well hidden on their website. They only show the TVneo max for 25.-

I went on the Play Store to check the app and the comments. There are a lot of very bad reviews. According to them, there are a lots of bug, and no disponibility on Android TV (or only for Samsung TV that I don’t have). If one would install on the phone or tablet, there is no possibility to cast on the TV screen like youtube or other apps.

You said that you use it. Do you have a Samsung TV or how did you manage to cast it on your TV screen?

I use it, but I don’t have a TV. Only using it on tablet and computer (web interface). For my usecase it was the cheapest :slight_smile:

I think for TV they’ll want you to use the more expensive version (neo max, 20CHF).

I’m not aware of other providers in CH, Find a TV plan: compare 246 deals from CHF 9.50 has a list. Maybe some foreign service would let us subscribe tho.

Also for mobile, just saw: Swisscom TV Air free: TV with Replay and recording function free of charge for mobile and tablet users | Swisscom it’s free (ad supported) and has some (limited) replay. And for 10 CHF you get replay and smart tv: Paying for blue TV without a Swisscom abo – Help | Swisscom

I will tried this night

…and your PC is not behind a (3rd party) router, switch or firewall. In this case you need a igmp proxy and/or have igmp snooping enabled (and the *.m3u then has to be adapted accordingly)

3rd party switch wont matter unless multicast is disabled, but no proxy needed in this case, but a connection over WiFi won’t work without proxy

I am trying with VLC and only 1 channel works for sunrise (I do have sunrise network).
Is there anything else I should do?

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