Meetup in Geneva on Tue, February, 13th at Place des Grottes (Cornavin)

Hey there, I did not see any meetup activity in Geneva. Would anyone be free this Friday 23rd of August for a beer near Plainpalais?


  • I am In!
  • Sorry I can’t
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Damn, it would be Interesting, but im not available at such short notice… Next time !

I’m new to the Geneva area and actually living “on the other side”…
Next time, if we organize it during the week (as I’m going back home on friday al lunch time, friday evening will never work for me, sorry… :neutral_face:)

I would be down but am heading to Bern at 8pm this evening so the timing doesn’t really work.

Would be nice to do a Geneva meet-up though.

Let’s keep this thread open and we will find a better time!

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Great initiative, what about a Geneva meetup v2?

What about Thursday 12th for an after work drink?

Great idea. Should we create another thread or just edit/update this one?

It would be great! Thursday 12th September sounds good!

sounds good to me! For the moment it is the 3 of us with you and @Oliv

This Thursday works for me too

Joining late to thé party. Still place for 1+?

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I will be interested in joining meetups in the Geneva (or Lausanne). I can’t this week but will try to join next time. Thanks for organizing!

If I’m not wrong in the end we didn’t decide where or at what time we would meet, right?

Doesn’t look like it happened

Hi everyone, let’s meet in the Geneva area in February ! I’ve put a few dates in the doodle for Thursdays or Fridays afterwork (#Jeudreudi), or Saturday and Sunday anytime. Can you please also comment where would be a good place for you to meet ? Looking forward to meeting you all !

Thanks for your initiative! Hopefully we can make it happen this time around

Hi guys,

Anyone in Geneva interested for a drink afterwork this week ?
We could discuss on our portfolio going deep red.

There will be the farmers market in the Grottes (near Cornavin) on Thursday with a local brewery La Pièce.

I will be there by 6:30pm.

PM if you haven’t got my phone yet.

We could create a doodle to find another date less short notice.

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Thursday sounds good. I will come along.

should we create a whatsapp groups GVA moustachian?
so whenever somebody wants to organise a drink like this one that you’ve just suggested it’s just easier even when just 3 are available to meet, and it also help to communicate and find a person you never saw before

There is one already for Romandie.
I posted in this one.
It is managed by @Yanikuza .