Meetup in Geneva on Tue, February, 13th at Place des Grottes (Cornavin)

if somebody can send me a link for the chat or DM so I can share my number and be added? (I want to avoid to have it posted here)


Intéressé par le groupe WhatsApp également!

Whoever is interested can PM me on the forum :wink:

It seems that I will be able to join you on Thursday. I will keep you updated.


New around here, but I just joined :slight_smile: looking forward to meeting you guys

Hi guys,

Anyone in Geneva interested for a drink afterwork 6:30pm-8:30pm next weeks ? Any favorite weekdays ?
We could create a doodle.

We could discuss about the new tax season and investment strategy for 2023.

We could meet-up at Le Quai des Grottes near Cornavin.


Great idea ! Count me in !

For the one that can

We got Thursday 16 or Tuesday 21st as favorites at the moment.
Let’s see if @Graff can make one of them.

Latest update on poll gave us Tuesday 21st for 7pm.
I made a reservation for 6 in my name (Jos)

Hello all!
Just seen this meetup, I have updated the poll, unfortunately the 21st is really the only day I cannot make it…
So if you change your mind, I’ll join, otherwise that would be for the next time :slight_smile:

Did you guys meet in the end? I am back on the forum and would love to see you all in person

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We were 6 at meet-up near Cornavin. We discussed various topics.
Bar was a bit too noisy so we may choose another place less popular.


Anyone in Geneva interested for a drink afterwork 6:30pm-8:30pm in February ?

We could discuss about the new tax season, investment strategy for 2024, stock picking (or not…).

We could meet-up near the train station for the one that commute.
The last pub was a bit too noisy so I’d like to try Saveurs et Couleurs.

I have made a doodle and you can suggest extra dates.

I’ll also post it in the WhatsApp group Mustachian Romandie.

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Up for the one that missed this thread.

We’ll have an our gathering on Tuesday 13th next week.

I’ve booked the tables for 6 person at 6:45pm on Tuesday 13th under my name Jocelin.
The restaurant/ bar is Saveur et Couleur north of Cornavin.

Can someone reply to this thread to bump it up ? ()I have posted 3 times in a row which is the limit)

Bump up.

For the one not reading WhatsApp, We are seating in the bar at the left of the entrance near the window at the table with a couch.