Meetup in Bern for coffee/beer and chat about FI (RE) Plans ? :)

If it’s for a drink, we could do that earlier? Otherwise, we meet for dinner (yes, I eat extremely early :P).

Ah oh okay, I don’t mind earlier, I was just worried about the sun hitting us too hard since the plan was to chill in Bärenpark/on the banks of the Aare. But there’s definitely trees that can provide shade, so I don’t mind meeting at 3 or 4pm. What do you all think?

Both 4 or 6 work for me. I prefer sitting down somewhere for a drink and something to eat.

Alright can we settle on ***Saturday August 13th at 6pm on the terrace of the Tramdepot Inn next to Bärenpark ?

Yep, see you then and there


13th August at 18:00
Noted and see you there :wink:

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See you there and must be 20 characters!

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Can i also join you guys?
So it will be 1 more person.
18:00 August at Tramdepot would be fine.

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Awesome, see you all there! :slight_smile:

I’ll try to put one of these sign/flags on our table so that we recognize the rallying point

Can i also join you guys?
So it will be 1 more person.

Of course! The more the merrier :blush: , you’re very welcome to join, and so are other people reading this thread and might be interested in the Meetup !


Good poster to get robed, kidnapped or associated :smiley: :wink:

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haha well I don’t think an A4 sign on a table on the terrace of Tramdepot will draw much attention anyway, especially not in Bern :sweat_smile:

Hi @NicoFireDoc,
sorry, I’m late to the game. I go on vacation once a year, and all of a sudden, the Fire community in Berne is on the loose…

Thank you for taking the initiative here - we had meetings here in 2019 and 2020, but things cooled down (also this, Corona things somewhat interfered with those meetings).

Will you take care of the reservation? The old Tramdepot is pretty booked, esp. on a Saturday. And if the weather is good, we’ll be sure to have a table on the terrace.

I just added my availability in the Doodle, 6:00 pm on the 13th of August is fine for me.

Btw. There are a few alternatives to Doodle that a light on ads and user tracking, e. g. Nuudel.

See you soon!
Cheers, J

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Hi Johnny,
It’s great to hear you’ll be joining us!
I’ve already taken care of our reservation at the Tramdepot - we should have a large table for at least 8 people in a quiet corner of the terrace and in the shade.

I hope this first Bernese FIRE-Meetup in 2 years will be a success and that we can make it a monthly or bimonthly thing.

See you all soon!


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Too bad i can’t make it for the 13. But I will be in for the next meet up!

So good there is finally something in Bern’s area :sunglasses: