Mattress and beds

As we are looking to move to Zurich in the near future and have to refurnish everything, I’m curious if anyone has some recommendations on where to go shopping for mattresses and beds.

Ideally we can try them in-store, should be great quality but nothing outrageous in cost (4-5k chf budget for a two-person setup). Preferably it can be delivered as well.

Any recommendations?

Liz&Louis from Livique.

Matress: schlafteq

The matress is adapted to you.

Bought one 4 years ago and I am very happy.

Way back when Kassensturz compared several mattresses and the winner was model 700 by happy.

We bought that model (2x 90cm) five years ago and we are very happy (no pun intended) with it (as side sleepers).

Apparently happy re-released that model, but I don’t know if it really is exactly the same. It’s 20% off right now however:

Sometimes I wonder if I should reconsider my choice of using a second hand bed I got for free. Would spending a few Ks on a god bed/mattress make me sleep better? That would totally be worth it but I am not sure it’s true.


Based on my experience, I would rather suggest to get a fitness tracker and check how you sleep first. It’s easier to make decisions when you have data :grinning:.

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We are spending 25-33% of our life in bed. Seems to me odd if you don‘t want to spend several thousands on it.


oh sheesh. Am I cheap? I was expecting at least one person mentioning Ikea.
Ikea and even Conforama have nice mattresses. Conforama has swiss made mattresses that probably are better than those of Ikea. I had a Conforama mattress for ~10 years and was very happy. After 10 years it’s better to change it anyway.


But do they work? I am afraid I would start to take the device’s “judgment” as true and have my day affected by how it said I slept, even when it is wrong.


Diminishing returns.

Office workers spend a similar amount of time sitting at their desk.

Yet the benefits of spending several thousands on a „better“ chair (compared to a few hundreds on a merely „good“ one) are dubious.

PS: the Japanese :jp: are sleeping on the floors of their homes. On rolling or foldable futons. Which are thin compared to most (expensive) “western“ mattresses, contain no springs and are routinely put away during the day. Though I don’t know, they can‘t cost an arm and a leg, I reckon.

They sleep just fine.


Nicely put. I’ve bought an oakwood bed (Pfister), 160cm mattress from Amazon and slatted frames from Ikea. Spent well under CHF 1k. Had to adjust one of the Ikea frames, though.
Especially the mattress is extremely cheap and I had my doubts. But we have been sleeping very well. If you have back issues or similar you may need something more special. I have been sleeping without issues on very basic beds in the past (mostly when living abroad), incl. in Japan (vacation) - but I am not sure if I could get used to the JP way of sleeping.

My friends are happy with boxspring beds, CHF 4k mattresses or Hüsler Nest concepts. Like the vendors, their main argument is the time you spend in bed. Fair enough. In my opinion you can save a lot and still sleep like a king. Most sleeping problems are unrelated to the bed, I guess :slight_smile:.

Ah, and fancy slatted frames are most overrated. The mattress is supposed to do their claimed job.

PS: Lidl (DE) also has good mattresses, if you live close to the border that’s an option, too (Paketlager). You can even get a VAT refund.

If I wanted to save money on a bed, I’d get the cheapest frame possible, or for an even more minimalist look slatted frames with feet (or build a set of feet yourself).

The primary function of slats is to air out the bottom of the mattress (which is why you should prop them up regularly when using them on the floor). The difference between supercheap slats and fancy flexible discs is negligible apparently. On the other hand, those last for decades, so the difference is not as big as spending 5x on a mattress every 10 years.


No you’re not, just sensible.

Ikea mattresses keep being rated among the best (bang for buck).
My choice as well - just take one up the scale, not the cheapest ones.

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Based on my experience as someone whose spouse was telling them they have sleep apnoea for years, getting it checked via a sleep test and then getting prescribed (and covered by health insurance) a CPAP machine I’d say it’s very very VERY worth it. Not sure how good fitness apps are when it comes to real medicine. My sleep apnoea was off the charts (literally) severe, the machine brought it down to better than normal population. Health insurance knows that covering a 1500 CHF CPAP machine today can save them tens of thousands later.

Also, LifeProTip which I haven’t explored but will do when we change our mattress: get two single person mattresses. I only experienced them in a high-class hotel and damn do they make a difference!

Edit: I agree with Cortana but shouldn’t say much, I work from home, sitting down 10+ hours and day and went full cheapo with my office chair. Somehow can’t bring myself to spend 500CHF on a chair, but perhaps I should…


Tempur mattress and base one of the best purchases ever

Getting quite OT but picking this up - personal opinion, yes. Herman Miller Aeron. No contest. My first is 9 years old and truly used daily, often 12-14h/day. Expect to keep it another 20years at least. The difference is amazing. And I had 800-1k custom leather chairs which were useless and thrown out after 6mo-1year. The Aeron’s open/vented seat and back with flexibillity is quite unique. There’s knock-offs and alternatives and everyone has personal prefferences. But to me the comfort is unrivaled and you have the same in a (good) office so you feel like at home. Have a 2nd Aeron for years too (wife’s office) and getting 2 more for kids once we move next year. Similarly to that - electric tables with per-cm accurate adjustment. As always, diminishing returns for some …


I’d like to add a tip.
I have bought a thin mattress to put on top of my mattress. It protects my main mattress and give an additional layer of comfort. I think I paid it 100chf or less at ikea.

Indeed, something else I hadn’t done, but now recall walking around the main shop of a moronically expensive (but great quality) mattress and linen company in Greece (Cocomat) and noticed that their high-end mattresses had 4-5 different individual layers. The salesperson said something along the lines of different compaction per layer reducing stiffness while remaining firm etc.

Thanks everyone! Some really good information in here that I will dig through. I’ll post an update once we buy something.

As someone who has dedicated a significant amount of energy to optimize my sleep, I will say that the mattress is not one of the most significant factors for a good sleep. At least not the first order effect on sleep. There are second order effects that matter to me:

  • Sleeping in the same bed as my spouse. With a cheap mattress and bed frame, I can feel any small movements she makes, which wakes me up. A good and sturdy mattress and bed frame fixes this. I prefer two individual mattresses and a sturdy bed frame that allow us to sleep next to each other, but fixes the movement issue.
  • Lower back problems can be alleviated by good mattresses. Lower back problems have a whole set of downstream effects on your health, so fixing this is top priority.
  • As someone who has slept in everything from Hastens to cheap rentals, the main argument for buying something like a Hasten mattress is that you only need to buy it once and then you have it for the rest of your life. I don’t think that’s worth it for such an expensive mattress, but also don’t want something that looses its shape in a couple of years. It’s an investment in quality like everything else.

I figured I’d also add what actually has had most impact on my sleep. I consistently get between 7.5 - 8hrs of sleep each day, but that wasn’t always the case. The following has helped me and is fairly established in the science of sleep as being beneficial:

  • Exercise. This is the most significant factor. Especially rigorous exercise, lifting weights, sprinting, swimming, tough hikes all improve your sleep.
  • Consistent bed time routine. I go to bed at 21:30 and wake up 5:30 every day. It has helped tremendously on my sleep quality.
  • Remove all screens, LEDs and light in your bedroom. Get your phone out of your bedroom. I sleep with a night mask to block out all light.
  • Oxygen levels in your bedroom matter. Air out your bedroom prior to sleep or while sleeping.
  • Temperature matters. Cooler is better.
  • Noise levels. I sleep with ear plugs. I prefer these.
  • Ditch any stimulants close to bedtime such as alcohol, caffeine or other stimulants.
  • Stress levels. See exercise, but it can also help to journal, meditate or otherwise get your stress levels under control.
  • Use your bed only for sleep and sex.
  • Outdoor time throughout the day, but especially in the morning. I like to combine this with an early morning exercise outdoors.
  • Mental and social stimulants. Being around people throughout the day can also tire you out as well as being mentally stimulated.

I’m very happy with my inexpensive Bett1 mattress so far after disappointment with a 2.5k mattress (it didn’t keep its form after two years or so, little sleeping holes, so much about that). You cannot try them as far as I know but I was reassured by their return policy. Would buy again, it’s great.
Something I didn’t consider is the weight. My expensive mattress weighs a ton for some reason (I guess completely unnecessarily) while the bett1 mattress has a “normal” weight.
Yes to two mattresses for two people.

not sure if you can get it here but I love the RS Bett Nr 6 bedframe (in corewood beech). You can configure it to you liking. Their system is just great - it is SO easy to put up and take down and so easy to take with you on a move. Clean / minimalistic aesthetics and the wood is very pretty. Totally worth the price. I already bought a second one (in another house, they seem indestructible).

Slatted frame: agree with overrated, a nice basic one is fine (though my 500 CHF one does have the most pretty cherry wood :see_no_evil::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:, go figure, you won’t even see it under the mattress​:sparkles::last_quarter_moon_with_face:)