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I’m in the Ikea team, too, after spending thousands on high-end mattresses. I didn’t believe in Ikea mattresses: initially, I bought them for my guests’ room, so they were used occasionally. However, I tried them for some time because I had dorsal pain with my high-end mattress, and I felt much better on the “cheap” Ikea one. So I kept them and bought new ones for the whole family when a replacement was needed.


Question for everyone: When it’s time to change a mattress? 10years? 5? Never?

Well, “they” tell you to replace it after 10 years I believe. If the mattress doesn’t smell and you still sleep well, why not keep it 15-20 years?

What I look for in a mattress is a removable and washable cover. This gets rid of odor, dead skin cells and, ahem, mite excrement.

Don‘t believe Big Mattress.


Yes they are very good value for money, with an interesting history of how they battled Germany‘s „mattress cartel“ to boot. Very happy with it for my part time residency.

On what I then thought must be the other end of the spectrum I splurged (within reason) for a Sofitel bed for my primary residence - the hotel chain decided to open a boutique selling the same bed model they have in their rooms, apparently upon heavy guest demand. Bought about a decade ago, still happy with it.

Then again, mattresses are very much a matter of personal preference.

„Die BODYGUARD® Anti-Kartell-Matratze ist ca. 18,5 cm hoch und besteht im Kern aus innovativem QXSchaum®. Als einer der fortschrittlichsten Matratzen­werk­stoffe der Welt sorgt dieser für optimalen Schlafkomfort. Nicht ohne Grund wurde die BODYGUARD® Anti-Kartell-Matratze über 4 Millionen Mal gekauft.“

Yeah sounds very good and professional. 4 million people already beat Big Mattress!

I have one since my last move no complaints yet - on the contrary quite happy but only 6 months use so a bit premature.

Edit : but also slept well on a IKEA pullout for 6 months so quite pleased overall qualit:price

About 3 years ago we spend 4k on a new bed after sleeping several years on a 140x200 IKEA frame and old matress from my wife (I guess +15yr old matress). As I’m above 190cm I was looking for a longer bed like 210cm and 160cm wide. Took us a time to make the step, we never spend so much money on anything beside our family car.
In the end we got an Hasena bed from Bettenland made in Switzerland which is 180x220. Best purchase ever, we sleep so much better, have more space to stay cooler in summer, don’t have ma head against the wall and feet hanging outside og it, and kids can join in bed in the morning without someone falling on the side.

Note that Migros Micasa have also some Hasena but with much more limited options and higher price except twice per year when all beds are 20% off (if still the case), then it’s about same price as Bettenland as far as I remember (to check if it’s still the case).

We paid extra for the longer size, a special bed head and special wide feet, if you stay with standard option you can even get the same matress and base frame for almost half of this price, like 2.5k I would say, for Swiss made, delivered, with shops to try the matress, it seams quite fair. Note that we wanted a foam matress, no silicon, no spring, not sure if it’s the same for these.


Is your bed prone to tipping over?

Ahah no it’s just for the look, it’s a long flat bar in a trapezoid form, down side it’s collecting dust and more difficult to vaccum arround it.

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I am still using the mattress that my parents bought in the early 2000’s, and I continue to be happy with it. I dont think it was anything special.

Back when I was a student, costs were a thing (they still are but less so^^)
when I needed a new bed that served both my limited student room space, personal preference (90cm standard format) but also the occasional guest, I went out looking for a good solution. All of them (Ikea, Micasa, Conforama,…) turned out to be far too expensive or otherwise not the right thing.

So I decided to CAD-design and produce my own convertible bed, made from lovely pine wood:

Costed around CHF 250 in raw materials in 2016 + some hours time
Needs some workshop equipment and experience due to some precision drilling required (=a design flaw :sweat_smile:)
=> pm me if you are interested in the details :smiley:
I still have the drill mask


This is also a possibility for the more eco-inclined here:

Fantastic thread, thanks OP!

We are in the same situation and looking to change ours. It’s a Tempur (Cloud? don’t remember, foam/gel based not springs) and was very good at the beginning but after five years both sides have imprinted our “shape” and have a significant slope from the middle. We are side sleepers.
A bit disappointed tbh, and we even rotated and flipped it regularly but didn’t seem to help much.

Now we are thinking whether to spend again some money on a good one with the risk it won’t last ten years, or get something 80% as good for 50% of the cost and change more often.

Thanks all for the suggestions.

PS. on having two single mattresses for a couple instead of a double one, I can only speak from hotel experiences but would not recommend it… don’t you guys fall in the crack in the middle all the time?

So first of all it depends on if you have a partner that regularily occupies more than their half of the bed, so it gives you an objective way to see if they stay in their half or not.

Also, we have this marvelous thing:


We have two 80cm matteresses, bought at livique. Hers is a bit softer than mine, but the height is the same. And the matteresses are designed to be in one bed frame. So on the sides there are kind overgang, which closes the gap really good wgen using one 160cm sheet.

honestly whatever works for you. when my and my gf last changed houses I wanted to get a decent mattress for once. First I ordered one from Emma. It was actually very nice quality, loved it at first but rather hard for us after a while. Went to some shop to try really expensive mattresses, we had our eyes on a Tempur mattress that was super expensive and I found a good deal on the exact same one from Ricardo. Honestly in the store we loved it and when we placed it in our bed we also loved it but later that night I was literally making my way to the couch. I wanted so much to like that mattress but it was honestly hell. To clarify, the mattress was very good quality as well, it just didn’t suit us. Also tried a few toppers.

After much pain and bad sleeping our current setup is 1 IKEA mattress for her, 1 bett1 mattress for me, and 1 emma topper for both of us. I’m still not in love with it, but at least I can sleep ok. Still need to try and get one of the free layers from emma, but since we got the topper second hand as well without any invoice, they reject us…

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