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Thank you Julianek,

So for example, in your calculation, did you include the Pension fund as Income?

In the below example I assume the income is 8k per month Gross

Would you consider 6’377.20 CHF Net and than add twice the P2 value to reach your spreadsheet
Assuming you pay 50% of P2 and the employer pays the other 50%.
That’s 471 * 2 + 6377 = 7319

Also, any idea about that withholding TAX.
Can that be avoided or diminished P3a maybe ?
Thank you,


For the second pillar, it will depend of the pension fund provider chosen by your employer, but yes assuming that 50% is paid by you and 50% by your employer is a safe assumption.
For the withholding tax, this is not avoidable as long as you haven’t lived in CH more than 5 years. You can however invest in a 3a pillar (max ~6500 CHF per year) and deduct it from your taxable income. Then at the end of the year you claim a tax refund (except around 1000 CHF tax savings).



Really appreciate your advice.