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I am looking for advice on whom to work with regarding my investments. These pages are full with good advice, but I’d really like to talk with someone 121, before acting. Is anyone working with an investment coach they can recommend?

No, I for myself am on the DIY-side of investment coaching. everything else i find with “buy & hold index investing” on forums lik this, bogleheads, MMM,…

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You probably won’t find much ragarding investments that isn’t borderline scam / sales pitch. Because investments are relatively easy. You invest in global passive index, and scale the risk by setting the ratio of cash : investment. That’s it!
There isn’t much to fiddle around with, unless I’m sneakily trying to sell you some specific product. Or if I’m trying to make it look complicated on purpose so you will always need and pay me for consultation.


Agree with feedback of others. Empower yourself, make yourself financially savvy / independent.

But if we can try to help you, what exactly you are concern? Where to start? What to buy? Not being aware of the risks?


This forum is very useful for practical advices, once you know what kind of questions to ask. But it is not a good format to learn basics. Try to read bogleheads wiki


Well, the risks are what they are. It’s more where to start and what to buy. In general having someone to talk things over with, which I prefer to emails.

One option for someone to talk to may be Vermögenszentrum.
They don’t sell their own investment products, but services.
They commonly sell packages charged at some % of invested amounts which is “expensive” (for mustachians) esp. in the long term, but they do/will also simply sell their services/know-how at an hourly rate.

If you are clear what services you want & make it clear to them this is what you want and nothing else, maybe investigate this option.

I don’t believe you will gain more and better knowledge than from this and similar forums, but it will be face to face & with a personal touch.

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Oh yes, that’s good.

Beside booglehead link. I suggest poorswiss, that is very practical about what and where to buy for CH. I also recommend super simplicity. 1 or 2 funds, easy to add, easy to track and forget.

If you then want to invest in yourself I suggest few books:

  • The millionaire next door
  • The Bogleheads’ Guide to Investing
  • Little Book of Common Sense Investing:
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