Investing for your children?

I am thinking about opening a bank account for my 2 years old girl, her piggy bank is full, also her grandparents would like to send some cash from time to time.

Does anybody know of a good option? Otherwise, what I’d like to do is investing this money in a VT-like fund but my broker (IB) has relatively high inactivity fees and (afaik) no real multi-user option to split investments.

The main problem is keeping the funds separate for each child. This can be solved in many ways.

You can

  • buy a fund similar to VT at your existing broker and keep it apart for her eg VWRL
  • open an account at another, preferably free broker account like DeGiro and do the same (I have referral codes if you PM me). Use VWRL which is free to buy
  • Open an Avadis fund plan per child, which has already been mentioned here in the forum. Their funds and higher fees but are less volatile. And you get a tax statement. Very easy

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Maybe something useful in here?

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Relevant video (German) from last weekend :slight_smile:

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thanks guys, I’ll have a look.
I also need to check the other posts, missed them.