"Mustachian" new bank account for newborn babies

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My apologies if the topic was already discussed…

What would be the best option for a baby savings account?

Normally there should be kind of advantageous terms for a new child savings account, but here in Switzerland I see no difference to the standard 0% or -%

The plan would be to put a small amount of money aside every month (for 20 - 25 years), so that to be able to get the most out of it in the adult life…

Here are some examples, but it really depends on where you live :
Coop Depositenkasse / Coop Caisse de dépot (NOT a bank) : 0.2%
SB Saanenbank : 0.5%
Caisse d’Épargne d’Aubonne : 1.25%
Caisse d’Épargne Riviera : 1%
Glarner Kantonalbank : 0.25% (max 20k)


An account in your name and invest it into an ETF. With just savings account interests, inflation will eat up capital even if you get advantageous interest rates for children. If it’s in your name it is also easier to transfer assets should a new and better offering appear on the market.


Me and my wife decided not to create any accounts on our children’s names.


20-25 years is perfect for investing in a diversified ETF (low risk of loss over such a timeframe).
An accumulating world or similar ETF, that you don’t own yourself, in one of your own broker-accounts, gives a clean solution and easy to keep “separate”.
You’ll have to pay the taxes on it, regardless.

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Exactly, for example degiro or Flatex (sub)account for your children.

CX kids account? It seems pretty I retesting the 5% up to 1000chf… Any experience with it?

In terms of savings account, i highly recommend Caisse d’Epargne d’Aubonne (again, depends on where you live). It has 1.25% until age 30. They also have current accounts from age 16 which have 0.75% until age 30, all free with a Maestro card.

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AKB waives the fees for investments into the depot for children.

For AKB indeed it seems interesting… (no fees and 0.15% interest up to 50k?). However as my German is not so good I cannot get clear all the other details…

CX Viva Kids Savings account might be a good choice if you have already CS account and you plan just to deposit 1K per year for getting the 5% I guess…

Assuming I am already an account holder in Interactive Brokers and if I choose to go with the “VT” ETF option for 20 years in my own account, and assuming my plan was to put aside around 250-chf a month for my child would it be better in terms of fees/taxes to go with IB and VT or with Degiro and VWRL?