Investing / Brokers FAQ


The most widely recommended option is Interactive Brokers, because of lowest total cost. If you’re looking for a Swiss alternative, the cheapest option is Corner Trader (although significantly more expensive than IB).

Interactive Brokers

Simple instruction for your first purchase at IB:

  1. Transfer 10’000 CHF to IB using the CH IBAN (not GB)
  2. Login to WebTrader, check that you have 10’000 CHF
  3. Click on the Forex tab, enter CHF, look for the CHF.USD
  4. Enter the amount 10’000 and choose the type SELL
  5. You should now have 0 CHF and everything converted to USD
  6. Go to Stocks tab and type in VT, select the type BUY

Corner Trader

Sample spreads of selected ETFs at Corner Trader:


Here is a selection of most popular Vanguard ETFs, showing which part of the market they cover. Companies are classified by their size/capitalisation (Large, Mid, Small) or region (US, Developed exUS, Emerging). Blue ETFs are domiciled in Ireland and generally meant for European investors. Green ETFs are domiciled in USA.

Total expense comparison of 3 popular All-World ETF mixes (as of 2019-12-08):

ETF Name Ticker Inception #Stocks TER 1 Fund 2 Funds 3 Funds
Total US Stock VTI 2001-05-24 3’611 0.03% 50% 50%
Emerging Markets VWO 2005-03-04 5’074 0.12% 10%
Developed Markets VEA 2007-07-20 3’960 0.05% 40%
Total World Stock VT 2008-06-24 8’178 0.09% 100%
Total Intl Stock VXUS 2011-01-26 7’453 0.09% 50%
Combined TER 0.090% 0.060% 0.047%
Fee for $100’000 90 60 47

Total return of selected MSCI indexes:

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