Interactive Brokers: reports for tax declaration

in the custom statement section where it asks for the period at the bottom of the page, it gives me only daily or monthly, it doesn’t allow me to enter precise dates.

It’s a bit confusing but you can ignore that setting and specify a custom date range when you manually ‘Run’ the statement after the creation.

As far as I can tell, the setting is relevant only if you want to have automated periodic delivery of that custom statement (and the only possible periods for automated delivery are daily and monthly).

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let me bump this up as a late filer each year.
I have a bunch of ETF’s, Funds and individual stocks (20+) in my IB account that I’m also trading relatively actively.

As I found no easy way of telling “how much of what did I own on the 31.12.2022”, I’ve just taken the NLV from the 2022 tax report and have put it into my declaration without any detailing on the individual positions (I did put in “Diverse” :slight_smile: ). Obviously I’m attaching the tax report, so not trying to hide anything, just trying to save us both time.

As long as I’m not after dividend tax returns (which were <100 USD last year), would that be enough? I guess I’m compliant with declaring my wealth, and I also assume the tax authorities are not going to actually care which stocks and ETF’s are holding that said wealth, are they?

IB send you by email a detail annual report of all your lines.
You can print it as pdf and attach it to your tax reclamation.
You can also build your annual report or flex queries with an annual frequency. Not sure if what I receive is built in or customised.

In your tax software, you can declare a fund RF for your IB portfolio and just declare the total amount in chf and annual dividend.

that’s what the annual report does as well on IB, no?
Gives you

  • NLV
  • total proceeds
  • total dividends

But it doesn’t give you each position you had at 31st Dec of last year.

Even if the default report doesn’t provide it (I think it does), you can always make your custom report template. You need “Positions” or something like that.

I got a report by email for each quarter with the total amount for each position with the current market value.

Keep in mind that dividends of accumulating funds are not included in the IBKR reports. That’s never an issue for US-domiciled funds, though.

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hmmm… i need to request that - care to tell me the name?

Hello everyone, I have a question about filing the tax return in Zurich using ZH privateTax online portal.
I notice that if I choose to declare each position separately, it is possible and it seems also expected because it that case dividends are automatically calculated and Tax office does not need to find the info themselves by going through large reports.

However, the challenge is that if I have 5 positions, I need to attach proofs (supplemental documents) for each position. It seems this is something new because until last year we were supposed to attach proof at DA-1 segment level and not for each security. What exactly is expected here?

I am trying to use the Activity report from IBKR and the report includes everything together. There is no reporting in IBKR for separate position. Am i supposed to attach same report as proof for every position? Or does IB provide a report for each security detailing Opening position, Ending position and the trades during the year?

If someone has filed in 2023 tax return, then please advise.

In most online tax return software, It’s possible to attach documents at a lot of places, but I think some are mandatory and some are optional. When it’s mandatory, like the salary certificate, you get errors. When it’s optional, you don’t. Tax offices also usually give explanations on what they require.

But the tax office can always ask for additional documents later if it needs them.

I heard that for R-US (additional withholding tax, for Swiss brokers) individual statements are required, but for DA-1 I don’t know.

I don’t know if it’s still true online, but when it was on paper they preferred to receive only what’s necessary to avoid overloading their storage facilities.

I see the issue as well. I’ve opened a support ticket and will comment again if/when I get a response. If they don’t offer a better way, I’ll simply upload the same full activity statement for each position :person_shrugging:


Yes on DA-1 section every security has a mandatory upload of receipts

Thanks. Let us know what they say.
On one hand it is useful that we can attach supporting documents by position. Because sometimes you might have same ETF at two brokers.

But if this is mandatory, then it can cause too many duplicates. Most likely this works fine for Swiss brokers because people can order eTax statements (for fee)

Have you guys received the dividend report 2023 from IBKR yet?

On their website they say it should be available on February 15 but I still haven’t got it.

No, I haven’t. I am also wondering by when it will be available.

You could also build your custom report and select all information related to dividends and withholding tax for 2023.

I thought it might be better to wait for the Dividend Report which I used for my DA-1 refunds the last few years.

Has anyone here received the DA-1 refund with just the Activity Statement?

As long there is the détailled of withholding tax by dividend it should be fine.
I believe it is also in your annual statement as well.

I have never used it for the tax declaration. It is in USD anyway, and exchange rates are different on different dates.