Insurance broker [2023]

Hello everyone!

Until now I was managing my/our insurances myself. But now I am thinking about an insurance broker with the main goal of having an overview of all insurances.

  • It should be without extra costs for me and ideally everything done online.
  • A “joint account” together with my wife would be a benefit.
  • An automatic alert about termination deadlines and potential savings upon changing a contract would be a very nice feature.

An example of such broker would be

What do you think about this approach?

Which insurance broker are you using? Your experience?

Any experience specifically with Optimatis?

Any experience with Vermögenszentrum insurance pool?

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This subject has been mentioned before.

You’ll find a few hints and maybe some answers to your questions :grinning:.

I have misused my powers and closed the old thread.

Another broker mentioned was
It seems to be still alive.


Many thanks!

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VZ seems to me to be the most complete solution. I’ve never used their service (yet), but the reviews I’ve received have all been positive.

Maybe I should specify that currently my primary goal is to get a new health insurance.

Does VZ insurance pool provide health insurances?

How would this be, if they provide you with a service?

They got kickbacks from insurers to whom they are bringing customers and taking over some administrative burdens.

I was also wondering if there are insurance brokers which provide discounts vs. prices for individuals, besides VZ? But probably I want too much. : broker mandat is required

Optimatis: broker mandate is NOT required.

Do you have a recommendation which one to use? I feel that I’m maybe a little bit under-insured and would like to have my situation assessed by an independent broker.

Yeah but if they got kick backs that mean their opinions will be biased.

You’ll be able to choose between product they represent because they have incentive.

But you can choose the products, right?
The only thing I would check is the availability of the insurance companies.

A broker does not make sense if they only have access to three insurance companies.

I would not recommend Caveo.

In 2019, I wanted to invest in the 3rd pillar for the first time and I was completely lost. I looked at Comparis, submitted a request, and received a callback from one of the managing partners of, later one of the Caveo Co-founders.

During the first meeting, he explained how it works and gave me a few proposals but always including some % on the 3rd pillar + life insurance from Swisslife. I carefully reviewed this at home and found this forum, read a lot about this topic, and during the second meeting, he started selling me the Swisslife option as the best. I rejected it and told him I would go for VIAC. He was fine with it and told me he is also a customer of VIAC but insisted that life insurance is also important, and told me I could maybe invest 50%/60% in VIAC and 50%/40% in Swisslife each year. I rejected it.

In January 2020, he contacted me again informing me about his new project: Caveo. I decided to give it a try with car insurance, home, and personal liability insurance but nothing changed. Either I was already with the cheapest one (car insurance) or with the best price/quality one (home+personal liability). The following year in Oct/Nov 2021, I gave it a second chance with health insurances for 2022. This time I worked with a different advisor and it was completely a mess. I was already with CSS, the cheapest health insurance at that time in my Canton, and wanted to look only at supplementary insurance, just supplementary insurance. He did what he wanted, not listening to me, and sent me few silly proposals. So in the end, I contacted Caveo admin for mandate cancellation which I have to admit was a faster process.

Maybe it improved during 2022 and 2023…

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