Mustachian Insurance Broker/Advisor

I used to use wefox app to manage my insurance contracts and I was happy with it, but it seems the company died. Not sure now how should I manage my insurances (health, apartment, and car) now - any recommendations? Or maybe I should just skip brokers and manage everything myself?

I have CSS for health, and Basler Versicherungen for car and apartment insurance. With health insurance I’m ok dealing with them directly, but the other two I’ve always contacted via broker. I’ll try out reach out to them directly instead.

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I do it myself. In case you would like a new broker I would recommend, I had a little contact with them in the past and they looks quite OK. They expanded their business to Financial Services as well so don’t be surprise if they try to sell you a 3rd Pillar as well

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Go for VZ insurance analyse. You will receive a free and independent analysis.
Then, if you sign, they will be your insurance broker (for free). I just spent 45 min this week with them. We spoke about optimizing cost and coverage (contrat per contract) for my personal situation. There are not trying to sell you over insured contracts. They also have their own insurance products which are quite good wrt quality/price. Price is lower than other big companies because they do not make promotion on TV, have tons of offices or salesmen, etc.

EDIT : this is FR or DE only :


Another one I found is Optimatis which is a part of

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I’d really love to build a fix cost dashboard where people can add their insurance products, mobile plans, netflix subscriptions, rent etc. and easily see what they spend per month on fixed costs. Could be combined with statistics like “You pay 90% more on insurance than the average user, how about signing up with X”.


That should be easy to do with just an open Google Sheet, no?

It’s probably difficult to compare because there are many individual configuration options.
E.g. if someone needs Worldwide data roaming on their mobile plan, it’s obviously just going to cost more.

What do you mean by managing insurance contracts? I just have a small list on Google Sheets about my insurances, since they change so infrequently for me (just the yearly health insurance changes, right?)

I mean changing insurances to a cheaper/better one, making claims, asking questions, etc.

I use Priminfo for health and comparis for the rest.

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