Income Level Poll

Poll to see what level of income people have on here.

Per year, gross, base + all bonuses, with stock grants: total renumeration package.

  • Less than 25K
  • 25K to 50K
  • 50K to 75K
  • 75K to 100K
  • 100K to 125K
  • 125K to 150K
  • 150K to 175K
  • Over 175K
  • Already retired

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mmm, that didn`t work how I wanted it to. Not sure how to create a nice poll where we can see levels.


There is no poll (yet) :stuck_out_tongue:

:-0 I know, couldn`t do it


Looks like you have to start the poll tag on a new line, also, the “>” of the last bullet point is causing troubles, I’d use “less than 25K” and “more than 175K” for those two. I’d also add the “175K-250K” and “250K-500K” along with the “more than 500K” categories. A “already retired :-)” option would also be nice.


I know like four different types of income, which one we put? Also for couples, my personal or total of the household?


Shall we brag and go for the grossest of them all? Gross income + employer’s contribution to the pension plan? And the personal one, not together with a partner.

Lets just do personal total comp, so gross salary + avg. bonus?


Kudos to you guys :smiley:

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Thanks for sorting out the poll for me, whoever it was :slight_smile:

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people in this forum seem to earn really well :slight_smile:

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Gross or net?

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Well, you are not going to invest a lot with 4K gross salary. I do however know someone with a 4.5K salary who actually does have a low six figure portfolio, which is quite impressive given where he comes from and how he built it up over a few years.

I put in my total comp (gross base, lump sum expenses, avg bonus).

This year, I’m a poor guys :partying_face:
But I have two cats and a girlfriend, so everything is ok :joy:


me too, so we’re talking TTC before Taxes and deductions → So what is stated in your work-contract and not your taxable income, correct?

  • For part-timers, do we add the paid salary or should we use the 100% figure to make it comparable?

Surely not, we are not comparing different positions.

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If this poll has any use, I’d say it’s to contextualize the messages we are reading here to help us ponder how to apply them to our own situation so, for me, it’s really the collected income that matters (not how successful in life we are -in which case, @Yanikuza’s girfriend and two cats take the pot ^^-). I’d use gross salary for simplicity (it’s hard to compare social benefits, including the 2nd pillar). I’ve answered with gross in mind but would net at the same place using my net salary.

I’ve used my last TTC, although at the moment it’s actually close to 0 (sweet sweet unemployment) :slight_smile:

86k gross + avg. bonus of 20k. Working for a Swiss bank.