IB and Brexit =?

does anyone have a clue if and if yes, what consequences a hard or other kinds of Brexit may have on swiss investors with british IB?

[edit: so far i only hold US domiciled vanguard funds, and small amounts of cash]

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Well, I don’t expect anything major to happen. If you hold any EU domiciled assets on EU exchanges maybe there will be some regulatory issues. But If you only have Swiss and US-domiciled assets everything should be normal. Since for the US IB uses the US-based company there will be no change. For the Swiss assets from the news it appears that there is already ad UK-Swiss deal in case of a no deal Brexit, so we should be covered.


Are there any other thoughts on this?

I would ‘expect’ the actual legal relation between IB and its clients (in Switzerland in this case) not to be of any concern.

However, IB and stock exchanges might be affected. And most probably those in Europe ex UK I assume. So if you’re holding stocks on Euronext or CH for example.

Any good info on facts around this?

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In another topic i reported a statement from IB about european investors:


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Has anyone read any update from IB with Brexit coming end of this week?

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