How often do you check your portfolio?


I wonder how often you check your portfolio, your portfolio tracker (parqet, portfolio performance etc.), update your spread sheet or just look at stock prices?

  • multiple times a day?
  • once a day?
  • once a week?
  • once a month?
  • once a year?

Me personally I tend to look too often, when markets go up (for ex. this year), but have no problem not checking when markets go down. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I know it’s not really a problem, as long as you don’t take any unwanted actions. But I’d still prefer to only check once a month and focus on different things in life.

To those that rarely check: How do you do it? Any advice? :slight_smile:

I check it everyday, just for fun. Tracking monthly though.

I check VT in CHF many times per day and also SPX futures when US markets are closed. Too often, I know.

I calculate my portfolio after there were new investments or my benchmark had hit something that looks like new local high or low. So last 2 weeks it was like 4-5 times.

I only calculate end of day prices and NAVs, there are no intraday prices for funds anyway.


I look at my investments 2-3 times a day… way too often. I should stop as it does not go up faster or stop going down just by looking at it…


Same here. I know I shouldn’t, but I just like to do that. Also it’s a way to get immune to volatility.


Multiple times a day but mostly for interest in financial markets.

Though, I track progression only once a year, when I do net worth calculation. Actually I don’t even care how much my portfolio has grown vs market, just how my overall NW is evolving.

I tend to respect the monthly DCA. If markets are down I try to put a little more or a little sooner than month end. It does not make a big difference but it’s nice to buy on discount

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Same here, checking it every day. I definitely lost less time thinking about markets/investments back in the day when I had all my savings in cash.

Planning on not following the whole finance stuff that much anymore.

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I hope ok with you @luk_nuts to convert this to a poll. :blush:

  • 1 multiple times a day
  • 2 once a day
  • 3 multiple times a week
  • 4 once a week
  • 5 multiple times a month
  • 6 once a month
  • 7 multiple times a year
  • 8 or once a year?

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Too often… I leave it to you to guess how much it is

How do you plan to do that?

For a “long term oriented buy and hold investor” that many here are trying to be, checking portfolio more often than once per month is already too often, I think.


Determining my FIRE portfolio should give me peace of mind - set & forget :grin:

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I probably have to disappoint you. :grimacing:

BUT this month I challenge myself to not check anything till the first of March.
(Yes I picked the shortest month of the year, I know. No, it wasn‘t on purpose)

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For leveraged assets: daily, to make sure I still meet margin requirements.
For unleveraged individual swiss securities: used to be daily but I don’t care that much anymore. It’s now monthly, just to check there’s no unauthorized transaction happening on my account and check where to allocate new money inputs.

I would ideally check my net worth yearly, but log in monthly to each of my accounts to check for potential unauthorized transactions.

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Once per day at least, which makes no sense. I’ve started using the Recurring Investments feature in IBKR this month and I hope this will bring me closer to the set-and-forget state.


That’s a great idea.
Do you buy in CHF, still convert currency manually or let IBKR do the currency exchange?

Still on track for this. :slight_smile:

I check share price daily but not really my entire portfolio as I have it in PF and IB splited


Here it is. Happy? :smiley: You don’t need to check today.

But… how much is a dollar worth today?


In 2021, everyday…

In 2022, with all I’ve experimented and with all the issue in the world and the fall of the market: once a month.

Now that we have (my girlfriend and I) finally stable job and stable income: once a week.

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