High Interest Rates at Alpian Bank

I came across Alpian bank, the first digital private bank in Switzerland. While it offers investment features, I find them unattractive compared to using the IBKR broker for investments. On this investment point, there is this review and discussions, which I find helpful; the general conclusion is that it seems better to just use a plain broker to invest.

However, I think Alpian does have one interesting point worth further discussing: its monthly interest rate for deposits is 1%, which is surprisingly high! Doesn’t this makes Alpian an attractive option for an everyday banking card? If I deposit 10,001 CHF and receive over 100 CHF per month, then this is attractive, even after taking the managing fee of 22.5 CHF per quarter into account.

Of course Alpian is a small bank, so I won’t deposit too much into it. But since it is Swiss licensed, deposits below 10,000 CHF are protected by Esisuisse.

Is there a catch? Can’t everyone just deposit 10,000 CHF into Alpian and gain 100 CHF monthly? I’m unsure if I miss anything—your suggestions are welcome!


Are you sure it is 1% monthly and not 1% annually ?
On a first glance, they say something up to 1.5% p.a.

The 1% interest rate is surely per year, even though they might not have written that explicitly. It seems they credit the interest monthly but I expect that to be pro-rated, i.e., you’ll get about 0.083% of interest per month. This may be nice but the practical benefit compared to a yearly 1% interest payment is very small.

That said, 1% p.a. up to 100k and 1.5% p.a. between 100k and 250k without strings attached is not a bad offer compared to other banks. Whether it’s worth the managing fee you have to calculate and consider yourself.


@jay @Patirou Thanks both! I see. That’s a good point. If it is 1% annually, then it is not that attractive anymore, although it is not too bad either! On the homepage, I see that the interests are “credited monthly”. I guess this is confusing, as this didn’t say if it is monthly or yearly interest.

Not really, interest rates are basically always quoted on an annualized basis. :person_shrugging:

credited monthly

= paid out monthly

1% per month would be insane

Thanks all. And apologies for the confusion caused by my naivete :smiley:

BTW, just for those who did not know. Monthly (or quarterly) payment means mandatory “Verrechnungssteuer” of 35% (which will be credited back at the end).


Hello Mustachian Post Members,

This is Dino from Alpian.

Regarding our interest rates in CHF: We are pleased to inform you that we waive all fees for the first 6 months for the account. Our interest rate is structured as follows:

  • 1% for amounts from 0 to CHF 50’000.
  • For any amount above 50’000 to CHF 1 million, the interest rate is 1.5%. Do note, if you have CHF 50.1k, only the 0.1k is subject to the 1.5% rate, not the entire amount.

The interest is paid monthly on a pro rata basis. Additionally, your amount is not locked, providing flexibility in your finances.

We provide insurance coverage up to CHF 100’000.

Feel free to ask if you have any further questions!


If I see it correctly, you currently only offer accounts for individuals. Are there any plans to offer corporate accounts in the future as well?


Thank you very much for your interest, however we do not offer corporate accounts at the moment.
I invite you to subscribe to our newsletter (at the bottom of our website) on alpian.com to receive the latest news and releases concerning Alpian.

I wish you a great weekend!

Best regards,


What about joint account?

I’ve been waiting for this solution and already ask this question via E-Mail but without any answer unfortunately. It could be interesting :thinking: