Health insurance for newborns

In June we’re expecting our first child.

I heard it’s important to get insurance before the baby is born? yet some online calculators only let me choose 2022 as start date (ehh…?!)

On a similar note, someone told me that getting additional dental cover including orthodontics is good value for babies (ehh…?).

Any insights on what makes sense regarding health insurance for unborn/newborn kids? If it matters: my partner is Swiss and the plan is to stay here.


If you plan to get your child extra cover like private ward or anything else it’s important you get them before he is born because you won’t need to fill in a questionnaire to get them. If you get them once he is born you will have to fill in one and that’s problematic if the baby is born with a condition.

When it comes to teeth insurance, orthodontics are really expensive here so it does indeed make sense to get it because the probability of having misaligned teeth is usually high. There as well you need to do your own research, all insurances offer different plans, this link in French summarizes them all link . For teeth insurance you don’t need to take it before birth (that also depends on the plan and what the insurance offers, some start accumulating coverage form birth like Assura), insurances do not require a questionnaire for those before the kid is 2 or 3 (again you need to check, that’s different for all of them).

Yes absolutely, Get the newborn health insurance before the birth. If he needs any surgery at birth or after, the health insurance will cover it (private or semi-private). If he has a condition and you don’t have the health insurance, then you will have to fill in a questionaire, which can cause many issues.
Dental insurance yes, but not at birth. You can deal with it later (3-4 years).

Thanks for the response! Good to know we can delay the dentistry thing… a bit :wink:

I understand the difference is mainly about supplemental insurance. I’ve never had any myself, so am a bit at loss what to look for.

Are we talking only about ‘comfort’ like private ward and such, or are there medical issues that are simply not covered by the general insurance that generally you’d want to have covered?

You should check the price difference for the insurance with and without the “private” upgrade and also what’s included or not.
For a new born the price difference is quite small.
I believebit’s really a no brainer :wink:
With a private upgrade, you can choose your doctor (if you need a specialist who practices in clinique for instance) your hospital (you can go to clinique), you have your own room…

I like the css myFlex products: they offer different insurance classes with different cost sharing models and a simple “upgrade option” - for a few CHF p.m. you get an option to move to a higher class every few years without med. exam…

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