Health insurance 2022

This short post just as a reminder that you can change your health insurance. Next year they should be cheaper.

Beware of the cheapest insurance model (in Zurich , at least). They have a “mixed” offer with your family doctor and an external health phone line. The “catch” is that the health line will be calculated as a medical consultation.

On a second thought, I wonder if it’s a catch or it was always like this, that the phone calls have to be paid. I haven’t read elsewhere, so maybe their are the only honest insurance that tells you about it. (note: moneyland and comparis do not explain it)


Will it be a good option to select it but always go to your family doctor instead of calling?

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I agree. It’s just annoying that they use those tricks, imho.

I always had the family doctor or Telmed model, whichever was cheaper. I’ll probably switch from Swica Telmed to Atupri family doctor to save 20.- per month.

As anyone tried CSS as an health insurance? They offer also this option for 45chf/month extra compare to the Assura offer.

My GP highly recommend from not registering to Assura as they are such a pain to deal with and get your money refunded.

The difference between Assura-type insurances and other insurances is, that with Assura you get the bills directly from your GP and pay it by yourself. Once you have reached the franchise, you can request the money back from Assura, before that, they are not involved at all.

For some people this is a big drama and also GP’s don’t like it because they have to deal directly with patients who are sometimes not able to pay the bills.

Other than that, Assura seems to work very well from what I have heard. I once had them by myself but never reached the 2500 CHF franchise so I never had to deal with them personally.

Hi y’all !

I’m planning to go with KPT next year, anything I should be wary about?

45.-/month is 540.- per year. I’m fortunately not a big user of medical services, so am not a good indicator of the quality of an insurer and you should probably take my review with a boulder of salt but having been with CSS for most of my young adult life, I don’t have anything bad to say about their service. I’ve dropped them as soon as I’ve decided to handle health insurance stuff myself (from my parents) because they also were way more expensive than other options in my area. I’m with Arcosana this year (CSS Group) and am thoroughly disappointed with their inboarding process, so I’m crossing them off my list of insurers I’d consider contracting a policy with. This may vary depending on your area, though, so I’d want to take a look at more reviews before taking that decision without first hand experience.

I have the same experience as @Patron. Nothing bad to say about Assura either but I’ve not had to ask them for reinbursment so can’t really vouch for their services. I’d not be too keen on listening to my GP’s advice about health insurers, just as much as I wouldn’t ask my insurer to tell me what treatments or specialists I should see (which makes telmed models a no go for me).

I switched to Arcosana Multimed (CSS) last year, coming from Sympany because they were (and still are) slightly cheaper. I always only had the most basic insurance, and 2500 franchise, which I never reached, so I cannot speak about going above.

Arcosana/CSS seems better regarding the web-interface compared to Sympany, and I do like the combined Telmed/HMO model, as I can choose what to do depending on what fits better.

I also never heard of the fact that calling the Telmed phone number costs anything, but I also never tried… :slight_smile:

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I have had Assura for a while now and I found that it works quite well to get reimbursed. I just scan the bills in the ap and I get the money back fairly quickly. So far, I did not have a single issue.


Some insurances do show that the phone call to the “Telmed” option is free. For example KPT. So I suppose they are really pulling a trick.

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A very nice tool is the one created by the rts ans the frc in order to compare contract conditions. I don’t know if there is a similar tool in German.

It doesn’t work with Zurcher or Tessiner ZIP.

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Using KPT myself and I’m pretty happy, however I’m also not a heavy user of medical services, the last 10 years I haven’t even reached the franchise (max. 2500) once.

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I am with SWICA and don’t remember I was charged for the phone calls (arranging GP/specialist meetings).
Or perhaps it was related to the employer-specific deal, so I wasn’t charged.

Like I said this is for french part of CH. I don’t know if there a similar tool for other regions.

Another topic : the only franchise to be optimal depending on your case is 300 or 2500.
Nice work here : L’arnaque des franchises de la LAMAL –

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Also have a look here :

Where you can find an analysis of each product for each company. Huge work !

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I am with Assura, since last year you can submit the expenses directly in the phone app which works very well and I like it. They are the cheapest here and got even cheaper for 2022. I got no issues with the service so far, I had questions a few times and they are reachable by phone and give good answers.


+1, I’ve changed to the QualiMed model but will mainly see our family doctor.

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Very interesting French article.
I am usually spending less than 1700- by year so I will still go with 2500.

Of course depends on your region. 1700 is the break even for leman lake region.

Here is a site to calculate your break even :slight_smile:

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