Health (& Dental) Insurance for Kids?

What are your thoughts regarding health insurance for kids, do you have any supplementary insurance in addition to the mandatory part?

Also, any opinions regarding dental insurance for the kids? A Swiss colleague from work recommended dental insurance as it can become expensive so >2 years ago I added that for my son (prior to turning 3) without thinking too much about it. Now I am trying to reassess the situation, triggered by my daughter getting to that age as well.

I think I have an additional one that allows us to choose doctor and praxis in Switzerland.

We don’t have that one, but we’re 2-3 times per year in Poland and we always do the medical checkups there. It’s multiple times cheaper.

The dental insurance for kids is highly recommended (if you don’t have a Polish connection). One of our best investments :slight_smile:


how can it be? How is anyone selling a insurance product where they would be losing money on?

It can’t be cheaper than paying out of pocket in every case

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Maybe in general cheaper. But unless you have hundreds of kids and maybe there is some correlation that genetically linked children either all or none of them have tooth issues it may still be a couple of hundred CHF vs. tens of thousands CHF

I have a KPT extra thing for my son for maybe CHF 6 a month and they give you the first two years of dental insurance for free.

In general I would recommend to do a little bit more insurance stuff for your kid before it gets born and then cancel after a year if your son is fine. I know too many people with children that have some heavy problems from birth

You don’t know in advance if the child will need much dental care (especially orthodental) or not.
It is why there is a low age limit - otherwise, yes, it would be possible to game the insurance…
Actually sometimes insurers sell such products. An insurer sold once a wedding insurance for covering the costs of a wedding occurring in a young age. The insurance thought to the “accidental” cases. But clients from communities practicing arranged marriages rushed into this wedding insurance…

This reminds me of the infamous insurance for bad weather on your wedding day. You paid an amount of money to insure the risk of bad weather. If it rained you got your money back. I dunno whether it existed or it was one of my father’s jokes.

Thanks for the replies. In regards to dental insurance, it seems like there is no clear consensus for or against (other than using lower cost countries when possible).
I think I have decided against signing up my daughter and will cancel my sons at the end of the year, partially because I noticed that their supplementary outpatient care package already includes insurance for 50% of dental care costs (max 1000 chf per year) and 50% of dental correction costs (max 12 000 chf per year).
The additional “stand-alone” dental care packages from CSS would be these:

  • Option 50%, max. CHF 1,000/calendar year (costs about 200 chf per year)
  • Option 75%, max. CHF 3,000/calendar year (costs about 460 chf per year)
  • Option 75%, max. CHF 5,000 per calendar year, with a CHF 500 deductible per calendar year (costs about 275 per year)

Does anyone have some numbers how much their kids dental care costs have been per year?

The supplementary package mentioned above (almost 200 chf extra per year) was originally taken because it covers 250-500 chf of “Family, Fitness, Exercise, Other Courses.” So unless I am oblivious to something, the supplementary part pays for itself (at least in our case as the kids are in a swim course).

even if every single reader responds I doubt you get more useful data than your insurance has

Very much true. My questions though was more for interest and/or taking it into account for future budgeting, rather than trying to outsmart the insurance company. I don’t really have any insights what the yearly costs could be.

For my kids I don’t pay that much (ca. 200 CHF/year each).

Still, didn’t begin with dental correction (at least one of them will have to do it, but still waiting for more permanent tooths).

Dental correction will probably be quite expensive. For this reason I subscribed for dental coverage on birth (Assura Denta Plus). I think I pay ca. 15 CHF/month (->300/year) and they cover up to 500/year (but if you don’t use the coverage it adds up year after year -> non that he is 10 YO I should have 5k).

In retrospective, probably not worth it (could have invested this money for later use) but now I keep paying, otherwise I would lose what I’ve already spent…

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So this was mainly my point. Those insurance companies employ very smart statistics people and everyone seems to think you can outsmart them and make a “profit” by buying insurance?

Personally I only have insurance which is either obligatory or insures risks which I can not cover myself, everything else is statistically always a loss.

The mustachian way is to teach your kids to brush their teeth and not eat too many sweets. Then you can spare yourself of all the special dental insurances.
The only risk you definitely might want to insure is dental correction, since this can get very expensive (several thousands of CHF).
The best product on the market in my opinion is Helsana‘s Top or Sana:
It covers 75% of the costs up to 10‘000.-/year.

It is highly recommended to insure your baby before birth, because insurers can decline you if your baby already has a conditon.
When the kid is a teenager and it is clear that it will not need braces, you can go ahead an cancel the insurance.

Source: my own research, since I am becoming a father in summer. If you find a better dental insurance, I am happy if you tell me… :wink:


Be aware that dental corrections are also over prescribed, so dentists will tell you your kids needs them even if it doesn’t :wink:

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