Heads up - what to do in the future, my current position, advice needed


I’m here to give my current position and ask for advice on how to continue on the road down towards FI.

First, a bit about me:
27 y/o, work in IT with a Bachelors Degree.
I currently have:

  • CHF 98’000 in a Savings account doing absolutely nothing
  • CHF 49’000 on Degiro, invested into
    • UBS ETF SMIM A-Dis ETF - 48x, CHF 13’400
      *Vanguard FTSE All-World UCITS ETF USD Dis - 369x, CHF 35’500
  • CHF 40’000 In Bitcoin
  • CHF 45’000 in my Pillar 3A at VIAC, invested into Global 100 Strategy.

Last year, I made around 78’000 before taxes. I live frugally and usually save CHF 3000-4000 per Month.

What irks me most is the ~100k sitting in my bank account - I feel like inflation is eating away at it, but I don’t know where I should put those savings. My ETFs at degiro have not given me any returns in the past year or so.
So, my question is:

  • Does the allocation of ETFs make sense? Are there better ETFs that you could recommend? Given that my 3A is also being invested, am I overinvesting into a single market or is this allocation fine?
  • What do you recommend to do with the 100k sitting around? I am also possibly interested in real estate, also outside of the country. I hold a german passport if that matters.

Thanks for any pointers on the matter. If I need to provide more info please let me know.


Probably. It’s not insane.
Except of the Bitcoin part.

Which single market?

Think about your desired allocation and invest accordingly. If 50% in cash is your target allocation, then that’s it. If it is not, invest accordingly.


P.S. your assets in a savings account might for example decrease your banking fees, so it is not necessarily doing nothing.

P.P.S. and don’t forget to define and maintain an emergency fund.

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A slight tax optimisation for later will be to open up to 4 extra pillar 3a with viac to generate an equal size of investment in the 5 accounts at retirement age. You will be able to close 1 by year before retiring and lowering tax.
You should stop contributing to your actual 3a until the 4 other reach the same amount.

For the 98kchf cash, you could slightly change your risk aversion strategy by defining an Investor Policy Statement.
Especially the target allocation and focusing on rebalancing it.

I feel you as I am still fighting it but defining one help me through the years. I am following it yearly in my portfolio.

I’m in the minus since I started pouring money into VT at the start of 2021. So what? It’s a long game (at least for me). Consider your longtime goals and when you plan on spending the money that is now available to invest.

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