Have you ever wanted to start a podcast? Racket!

:mega: Good morning :mega:

For all of you that thought about starting a podcast about the moustachian way, about finance, investments or just about anything, there is a new service in town. It’s called Racket.com. I found it very recently. It is a web platform (runs in safari or firefox…) that allows you to record and publish audio episodes - called rackets - in one take, no editing, no cuts, with 9 minutes long (max.) directly from your mobile or laptop. You can also invite someone else to jump in the discussion and participate just by sharing a link. Long story short, I would say it’s a serious mix of podcast and twitter. They are unfolding the service very slowly, I mean, a couple of weeks ago you needed to have 10 followers to unlock the record possibility, or get a code to start directly… but 10 it’s an easy target.

Here you can listen to the first racket by the founder Austin Petersmith and here a ‘group racket’.

Drop a line if you start racketing! :badminton:
And related to this, I wonder if any of you has or recommends podcasts?

Hi there,

I didn’t know about that service, thanks! Even though I would say that with Anchor the level of effort is the same: you can just record from your browser or phone or tablet, you can easily skip editing and the final product is a podcast in the proper sens on the term that gets automatically published everywhere.

I don’t know what the matter is with audio but there is new fashion. Twitter with the audio messages, Clubhouse, also Facebook is doing something about those lines as well.

As for the podcast recommendations, there are some in this thread.

Thanks. I’ve heard about it but never really looked at.

True. I think podcasts were always around, but with the overload of zoom and zoom-work-related universe, came also an overload of moving image+sound, threatening the domestic space along with zoom burnout effects. Plus the audio-only meetings seem to be less mentally demanding and better to improve productivity.
I also realise that the casual 90’s social networking like mIRC never found the same format but using a different medium (until Clubhouse, which is now losing steam…) But clubhouse doesn’t records, so it’s about the moment and there it’s a fifty/fifty chance for a meaningful talk or discussion.
I think racket can be an alternative to the “heavy” engagement of a podcast (create an audience, publish regularly to have continuous content and episodes…).

Thank you! Looking at it right now… I should use the search button more often :relaxed:

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