Hair transplantation in Istanbul

So guys, I did it. I booked the flight. Operation will be on November 7th, so in 5 weeks. 125 CHF flights and 3500€ for the OP, transfer and hotel.

I’m going to do it at Hairofistanbul:

I know it’s not that cheap, but my balding got worse over the last 1-2 years. I’m 29 and look like 35. So it will be worth it. If there is any interest I’ll keep this thread updated.


Hope you’re happy with the results! Do you plan to take finasteride to keep these new hair? Btw how do they do it? Do they transplant the hair from your ass or some other place? :wink:


Not planing on taking Finasteride at the moment :thinking:

They are going to take it from the back of my head.

I took finasteride for a few years. In Poland a 28 pill pack costs 20 CHF. In Switz it costs 80 CHF.

How should this work if you don’t combat the source of the hair loss? Finasteride helps hairs not get killed.

Anyway, I have given up the fight for now. Not been taking any pills this year and I still have some hair. But maybe I should get back on the pill… I wouldn’t mind being bald, but I just don’t think it will look good with my big nose and ears :smiley:

Incase you wear glasses. Spend another 800-1200.- Fr. for laser surgery in Istanbul. A former coworker of mine did it and regretted to not have it done before.

I will probably buy Minoxidil as Finasteride might kill your sex drive (already not as high as I wished). This should be good enough to prevent further hairloss.

I actually like my glasses, but I was also thinking about this. Maybe I’ll do it in the future.

Have not noticed that, and even if I did, would that be so bad? If it kills a need, then that’s one less need to worry about :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .

Finasteride has a proven record and works 95% of the time. Minoxidil only 60%.

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Haven’t done it myself yet either. I should check at some point if it’s possible with my eyes.

Amusing thread :blush: all these uncommon topics in it add a dash of “new/fresh” to all the “old often repeated topics” :+1:t2: Please don’t misunderstand me, i don’t mean amusing because you are getting a hair transplant (I hope it works well & keeps long…and I hope you can travel to Turkey (and back) in Nov!).

Cortana, can you show us a before/after photo? I find interesting.

Also I’ve heard good things about a product from Medavita…

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I did the same treatment in Germany a few years ago (I paid 7k Euro). The doctor was super respected and frequently treats famous politicians and soccer players.

That being said, the recovery wasn’t quick at all (red skin for many months, fully shaved head for a while, etc). My initial thought was to take a 4 week leave … but that wasn’t enough. So no way I was able to hide it from co-workers.

Given the hair loss in the other areas of my head, I will also need to pay for treatments of those areas later on (so another 1-2 x 7k). Impossible to treat only the front and not do later the rest.

Overall, I am now quite happy with the result but just want to make sure that people know what the interim period is like. (I also take Finasteride ever since.)


Thanks for sharing! Man, no way would I want to go through this and pay 3x7k! My gf says: once you have too little hair, just shave it off, it’s fine. Just please don’t keep the balding hair, it’s peinlich!


I will, but it takes 6-12 months to see the final result.

I guess it’s highly individual how you react to it and how fast the recovery is.

I’m consider HT, but wary of turkey. Heard enough horror stories - cuttthroat competition and in chase for lower prices and more customers they let basically untrained randos off the street perform your operation o_O

How did you pick your clinic?


That’s interesting. No need to take much if you look at the graph:

0.25mg ed: 64%
0.5mg ed: 67%
1mg ed: 68.7%
5mg ed: 69.2%

So 0.25mg ed would be more than enough. Only thing that is worrying me is PFS:

They were recommended on a couple of webpages and I talked with someone on Instagram I follow (a bodybuilder from UK) about his experience. Adem Köse will do my operation. He is experienced and did over 2000 operations in the last 15 years. The photos on Instagram give me additional confidence.

Then why did they go with 1mg? Btw the anti-hair loss effect of finasteride has been discovered by accident. It has been originally developed as a medicine against prostate overgrowth and is available in 5mg doses. And it costs the same, so I bet the actual cost of producing these pills is like the cost of tic-tacs :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, the doctor has warned me about it but he said that these symptoms are reported by maybe 3% taking it. In the end I was a bit tired by the routine of taking the pill every day and my mom was repeating her criticism, which went something like: oh kid, why are you doing this? You don’t know all the side effects, why put your health at risk for such a trivial thing as hair? You’re a man, it doesn’t matter that much, health is more important.

Definetely let us know how it was. I am also interested in other Medical Tourism topics, as i think it will be the future for many people.
Why should you do things in Germany/Switzerland for 3x the price when there are specialty clinics in Czech Republic, Hungary and Turkey? As long as a certified medical doctor is in charge, i would not complain.

Does anyone of you have other experience with medical tourism around the world?

No experience here other than teeth cleaning/fillings, but a friend of a friend goes every x years to Bangkok for a health check-up.

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It was a long day, damn. They picked me up at 7AM and the whole thing was over at 6PM yersterday. 4900 grafts! They said that I have an excellent donor-area, thick and dense hair. Usually they end up with ~3500 grafts in a single session, but they got much more with me.

Worst part was the anesthesia injections, 50-60 for the back and 10-20 for the front. It hurt sooo much, I almost cried lol.


If you ever feel this is too much for you, you can always look like this:


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