GVA Meetup in May 2022

Hey all, how about meeting in the Geneva area in Feb ? I’ve put a few dates in the doodle for Thursdays or Fridays afterwork (#Jeudreudi), or Saturday and Sunday anytime. Can you please also comment where would be a good place for you to meet ? Looking forward to meeting you all !


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Good initiative! I hope to be able to join.

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Great idea! Anywhere in the centre of Geneva should work. some suggestions could be any of the bars Rue Henri-Blanvalet (Atelier Cocktail Club, Bottle Brothers, Yvette de Marseille) or Boulevard Georges-Favon (Apothicaire Cocktail Club, Ta Cave, Boulevard du Vin). Other suggestions are Soleil Rouge, Halles de l’Île or Bateau Lavoir.

If a french speaker is welcome, I ll join. Not sure my English will be good enough to talk about ETFs or subjects with specific terminology.

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Of course you’re welcome ! Tu pourras au moins parler français avec moi :slight_smile:

Sympa la proposition ! Not a big specialist about financial market and stuff but would be happy to learn more… Or talk about anything else.
Je garde un œil sur les dates, voir si j’arrive à m’organiser comme je viens de Lausanne…

Great ! :ok_hand: Thus, I ll try to come according to the choosen date :wink: On Thursdays, I am pretty sure. During the week-ends it is another question

Hi all,

little update: so far, we’ve already had 10 respondents to the poll. I suggest we wait until Jan 15th to confirm the final date.

If there are no major changes, it seems our meeting will take the form of a Thursday afterwork drink, and will either be on Feb 27th (8 votes) or Feb 6th (7 votes).

Looking forward !

Interested, I’ll join if I can on the date you choose :slight_smile:

Hey Polo ! I’m a mustachian newbie and also come from the périphérie de Lausanne.
So if you wanna share the ride lemme know.

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I am totally in…I filed in my Doodle…

Hey cool ! Thanks for that. Will let you know if I can attend on the choosen date and then we can see for the timing :slight_smile: will write you an pm

Hello all,

After 12 votes (out of 18) for this option, I closed the Doodle, and I have the pleasure to invite you all to our Geneva afterwork on February 27th.

You can mark your agendas with this placeholder invite until we decide where to meet… I might be able to find a very mustachian deal in La Praille (Tram 15) :thinking:, I keep you posted

Very happy this is happening !

Great !! Using your URL -> I got “Could not find the requested event”

If I may ask the time, I could enter it manually :ok_hand:

Ah shoot ! Sorry, I tried something new but it didn’t work as well as I hoped :sweat_smile:

Maybe we meet at 6.30pm ? @Kova suggested great places in Geneva:

Would you be ok with the Halles de l’Île ? https://goo.gl/maps/bseujK1t7D8okEwV6

Everthing is fine for me.

I am in…is it confirmed?
How will you contact us if there is any change?


Yes it is confirmed for Feb 27th at 6.30pm in some bar in Geneva.

It’ll probably be at the Brasserie des Halles de l’Île https://goo.gl/maps/bseujK1t7D8okEwV6, but when I called they had another reservation still to be confirmed, they’ll come back to me ASAP if we can get the room.

If anything changes, we should write it here, but I don’t see what would happen that we need to cancel.

Looking forward !

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It seems like we might have more people coming than planned - awesome ! Can you please LIKE THIS message if you plan on joining us on Feb 27th ? (Then I can book the space for enough people)


Hello all,

Seems like we’re going to be 11 people this Thursday - looking forward !

I received a negative answer from Brasseries de l’Ile because a bigger group booked the room.

I tried calling a few bars today but didn’t get a reply. I will be offline until Tuesday evening, so I’ll try again then.

I was thinking about “Dialogue Bar” (Square du Mont Blanc), “Atelier Cocktail club” (Rue Henri Blanvalet), or “Calamar” (Rue de l’école de médecine)

In the meantime, if someone wants to try booking another place or wants to call the bars written above, feel free to do so. I’ll check the forum as soon as I get back and will book a place if it hasn’t been done yet.

A nice weekend to all