GVA Meetup in May 2022

Hello all,

I had 5 minutes of internet so I called Dialogue bar and booked it.

It’s a very small bar (13 seats), so we’ll have it all for ourselves !!! :star_struck:

When ? Thursday Feb 27th @ 6.30pm
Where ? Dialogue Bar (Rue des Alpes 5, 1201 Genève, Switzerland)
Booking under my name: Emilie Raffo

I cannot wait to meet you all !!!



This is great, thank you Emilie, looking forward to meeting you all

So cool…will be there…Looking forward to meeting you all

Hello all,

It was really cool to meet you last week, we should do this again !

It occured to me later that I should have taken your phone numbers to create a “FIRE Geneva” whatsapp group. I already took some of your numbers and will create the group this weekend.

Those who want to be added can send me a private message with their numbers and names.


PS: the next meetup will be super mustachian, Nathan is hosting us for free at Fusion, and we can bring our own drinks :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :wine_glass:

Hi Everybody,
I’m based in Geneva and I would love to join for the next rendez-vous!



Hi Everyone!
I’ll be glad to join as well next time if I’m around and if we’re still allowed to go out in public spaces :smiley:

Hello all,

I think I added everyone who requested to join the Whatsapp group, let me know if you’ve been forgotten.

Nathan was offering us the room in Fusion for April 7th, but all events need to be cancelled with Coronavirus. I stay in touch with him to organize a post-corona meetup ASAP, preferably a Thursday starting at 6-6.30pm.

I keep you posted.


Is there any space available for an additional member? If yes, may I join in? Cheers, Paul

Sure, Paul. Can you please send me your phone number in a private message ?

Heads-up : not much is happening with the virus, but I hope to organize the next meetup ASAP !

I suggest you to remove your phone from the public forum or you might get spam…

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Hi @Mimi !

I hope there is still an available free sit for me as well ! I would be glad to join the community :slight_smile:


Hi @Mimi , will this event be repeated?

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Hi Guys,

Anyone interested in having a drink afterwork (from 6:30-7pm) around Cornavin/place des Grottes area in May ?
I haven’t got any topic in mind to discuss. I moved in the area during Covid and didn’t meet new people since.

I’m interested!

I am working in Geneva, so it won’t be a problem to join some mustachian after work and it would be deligthful to meet others mustachians.

hello, I’m in Geneva too and live nearby.
I would be interested too even though i’m just a frugal person rather than an investor/financial one

I work in Geneva so if it is on a day where I am not working from home… yeah!

Glad to here it.
I created a doodle with few dates on weekdays (Tuesday to Thursday) for the next weeks:

I was thinking to book something at Le Nant des Grottes.
I’ve never been but it looks more spacious and quiet compare to popular places La Taproom or Le Quai des Grottes.

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The Tuesday, May 10th seemed the first option suiting 3 of us.
We could add extra dates for couch2million if you are still interested.

sorry for the late reply!
I will be on holiday during that period, sorry! and Wednesday and most Thursday is always a no for me unfortunately.
But no worries, Im sure we can organise others easily in the future.
Btw, I suggest yo guys Saveurs et Couleurs there in les grottos if you want a frugal drink in a lovely cozy place


I just updated mine, it seems that May 17th is suited for all :slight_smile:

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