Good time to invest in emerging markets?


I found this on you tube:

…his reasoning sounds logical and it has convinced me to consider adding a higher weight to emerging markets in my portfolio (which, in my case, might be to increase the percentage of VWO in my portfolio)

At around 5min 30sec of the video he states “the 20th century was the century of the US and the 21st century is the century of Asia”… any comments on this?


before anything else, this guy is just another guru spreading his opinion. If you google abit, you fill find a video just as convincing on why you should do the exact opposite :wink: Why do you think so many people buy the crap out of 2%TER actively managed funds?

I picked a 20% allocation to VWO because I feel its a good amount. you are free to lock a xx% share in your IPS. Which of those is better? no idea. the latter is clearly inferior in diversification.

P/E-rations do have some story to tell, @Julianek is your specialist here^^ however there is limits to that. for example this plot shows you that PE / PV - wise you’d have to put your money into hungary, russio, italy, poland, brazil etc, not china (plot from 2015)…


The guy in the video is a hot air seller His explanation at 6:50 makes all his arguments a bunch of crap. Do not forget, people accept high p/e ratio because they trust in the political system and the fairness of the management of the company. Low p/e ratio in China or Russia are attractive but you have to take into account political instabilities, corruption, poor protection of the share holders interests.
The p/e ratio or price to book is also dependant of the sector. You like low p/e and p/book, buy insurance companies or car manufacturers.
Good luck with your money and much success.


I hold 20% emerging markets in my all-world ETFs (VWO at IB, maxed out EM in VIAC and also some Ishares emerging market small caps at CT).

I also have separate allocations in Ishares China A-shares (CNYA) and Ishares Turkey (ITKY) which tilts me even further in direction EM.

I’m now looking at Mexico (Ishares EWW), South Africa (Ishares EZA) and Brazil (Ishares EWZ) for my Christmas shopping :-).

How are you guys handling the recent downs?

Thanks for all the feedback.
I will also have 20% of my portfolio in EM. But I am still undecided if I will add weight to China or not (e.g. add + 5% or ECNS (MSCI China Small Cap Index), or maybe add +5% Total China Index ETF which would overlap with VWO).


VWO is already 34% China. If you wanted to add something which does not overlap, perhaps look at ASHS and CNXT.