Future of Bitcoin

Show us your trades :slight_smile:

If it breaks above last big resistance at USD 18600 (inverse head and shoulder) AND LL indicator turns gold that’s a confirmation for me and I’ll pile in.

Bitcoin’s last stand

BTC on its way to 100k again :laughing:

The final resistance Houdini-barrier of 17k on its way to Mars has been broken :crazy_face:

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Imho, BTC will remain sub 20k for another year or two. But anyway a good time for accumulation. Don’t trade, hodl and add (and just that part you can afford to loose). cheers

No it will probably trade in the range between 18600 and 21400 for a while

Agreed, the bubble has burst and the speculators have left for the “next big thing”. I also think we will not see any ATH for a long time now

Anybody knows what this next big thing may be? :grin:

Betting on World Cup games…

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Still hoping for robotics, to relieve me from my household chores :sweat_smile: Fancy coins didn’t help me much with that (or anything else, for that matter), did they :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:?

Maybe uranium? silver? Emerging markets (at least India and Brasil)? :man_shrugging:
They all have been out of favor for a long time and are moving in the right direction, also they are not too big and could be easely pumped

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Food. Syntetic food.

Mining and metals: it is becoming increasingly necessary while being in short supply.

Interesting topic but how to invest in this sector?

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You can work for this company in Switzerland

If you google a bit, you can find ETFs, but I’m not sure they are good enough yet. They seem to follow all other generic ETF. I was expecting a different trend.

I’m impressed by how well some people timed it:

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The San Francisco-based fund made its first investment in bitcoin in early 2014 and went on to invest large sums in crypto. About two-thirds of its overall investment was used to buy bitcoin, said people close to the fund. Founders Fund sold out of the vast majority of its entire cryptocurrency portfolio by the end of March 2022 — before the digital assets market became swept up in a crisis in May last year […]
In April 2022, about the same time that Founders Fund sold out of most of its cryptocurrency holdings, Thiel said he was optimistic about the future of bitcoin. He told a cryptocurrency conference in Miami that “we’re at the end of the fiat money regime” and suggested its price — which was then trading at about $44,000 — could increase by a factor of 100.


Something smells fishy. Maybe it’s the smell of whales rigging the market?

Not 100% related, but I learned yesterday from prof G Prof G Markets: Microsoft and OpenAI, Wash Trading, and European Tech Regulations - YouTube that a huge percentage of NFT transactions are fake to inflate tokens’ price.

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No shit?
Same goes for BTC, washtrading is banned for a reason in traditional markets. I laugh every time some cryptobros say how much daily volume BTC has. Its useless as long as exchanges have a vested interest to pump up the prices with no penalty.


Congratulations everyone, BTC/USD (index by TradingView) went above 25k and had hit a level above the maximum in August 2022.