Future of Bitcoin

Buying FBTC where you also buy your stock ETFs.

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I didn’t know that this is now available on IBKR.

Since a few days it is available to IB UK clients (which is the default for Switzerland) through their partner Paxos.

60% ytd and soo boring


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Banana Zone in coming months :eyes: :thinking:


I have an IBKR UK Account. How can I request trading permission for Crypto ETFs like IBIT/FBTC?

@stojano ,

Which lightning network BTC wallet have you set up for your children? Could you outline the reasoning for your decision?

Wallet of Satoshi. Simple and it’s working without any issues. Anything else would be a hassle (except maybe the Aqua wallet).

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I just took home a 10x on a couple of alts, probably bad timing (as usual for me, but yadda bull run, yadda m00n, yadda I couldn’t be arsed with) but 10 birds in hand beat 20 in the bush.

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This summer vacations, we will be exploring Aqua wallet with learning sessions about the main net and hardware wallets (I think we’ll go for Jade). Aqua wallet has the advantage to have LN, Liquid and main net in one app.