Freshly roasted coffee?


and which kind? beans, ground beans, capsules?


Beans. I bought used (and fixed) DeLonghi for 100 chf a year ago. It serves me well. I usually have at least one cappuccino a day.


I have two coffee at home, one is the “regular” on that I use for my morning espresso, usually Segafredo/Lavazza/Kimbo or what I find in offer, usually around 7-10€/kg (if not here in switzerland, e.g. on offer at denner from time to time, I buy in or somewhere around Basel -DE or FR)
and one is the “treat” coffee, high end Arabica from Italy that cost usually around 20-25€/kg. This one is mainly used 2-3 times per week, so a kilo lasts for a long time. I am talking about beans.
I think in this way my consumption is very optimized for the price :smiley:


Speaking of Italy, I’m actually now on vacations in Lago Maggiore area and I keep thinking what kind of beans they are using, so that this cappuccino tastes so good.


Did you drive there (Lago Maggiore)? Or this is another option?


Yes, I went with car to Verbania. It was about 3-3.5h of drive.


It’s the water probably.


Water is horrible here. It tastes like chlorine.


You can ask the barkeeper, not everyone uses the same. I really like Illy and Vergnano, are relatively mild compared to the hardcore italian espresso (more nutty than let’s say Lavazza or Segafredo)


Thanks for the info. I don’t like hardcore espressos neither, I like a mild-and-milky cappucinos, so I’ll give Illy and Vergnano a try.


I am drinking coffee again, and enjoying it, and aiming to keep my consumption below 1kg/month so that beans are never a major expense.

I have started grinding my beans manually with a hand-grinder. That is real work! Much less risk of “I’ll just have another since I’m passing the kichen” or “why not make this one a double…” Feels like a Mustachian solution.


I ordered freshly roasted coffee beans for the first time in a while.

Cafe Noir for 31.20/kg is amazing coffee but a bit too expensive this time. That’s the cost for 2kg including shipping and taxes.

Chronic for 25/kg is what I am trying instead. 2kg for CHF50 and they waive the shipping fee. They say that they roast themselves weekly.

If the Chronic coffee tastes as good as Noir then I’ll have this sorted out.


Coffee is hard!

I have 2kg of freshly roasted coffee from Chronic and to me it tastes pretty meh. It’s fine but I don’t rate it above supermarket coffee. Maybe the reason I like Noir coffee isn’t (just) the freshness but the beans, roast, etc.

I’ll have to think about a new strategy to try in a couple of months when I’ve consumed the current stock.


I’ll share a tip. I found Cafe Trottet, roasted in Switzerland, to have the best quality/price ratio. They sell good origins coffee, and very often have 50% off coupons (eg now for newcomers and for black friday). Free shipping in all CH as well.
There’s no referral link, all the promos are directly on their site!