Free Real time market Data web API for US markets

For those of you that are interested in developing your own investing apps, I just tumble upon this resource :

The IEX stock market has just released a totally free web API that allows you to query real time data regarding stocks on US markets :

More documentation here :

It seems that so far only data for US markets is available :frowning:

And to give even more credits to these guys, Brad Katsuyama is the guy who fought successfully High Frequency Trading by creating IEX. The full story is available in Michael Lewis’ book, Flash Boys. (And if you don’t know Michael Lewis, go and read The Big Short, Boomerang or Liar’s Poker, you will learn a lot on the finance world).


Have you tested it? I didn’t see any example for it.

I haven’t tested it in my applications yet, because I was using Yahoo Finance API until there.

However, using IEX Documentation, I think it is really easy to use in a program.

Example : you want to get the latest data for VTI : according to the doc, you only need to call the URL,news,chart&range=1m&last=1

and it will return you every single price you want to know about VTI in a JSON fromat (i.e understandable by a program)

So knowing the current trend about Yahoo (i.e : not good), it is good to know that I have at least one alternative :slight_smile:


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Well, it did not last long : Yahoo finance API is being discontinued. So now, the only free way that I know to get an API with stock prices is to use IEX!

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This actually does not relate to the API but this thread is the only one mentioning IEX.

Just read Flash Boys and decided that I want to route my orders via IB to IEX. This can be done easily by selecting the Destionation as IEX instead of the default value as shown below:


It has some limitations, but I’m using Alphavantage which is actually available for markets outside the USA even if they don’t market it. For exemple, you can use VEUR.AS as a symbol for VEUR in EUR.

I see you already have it but FMP is awesome too. As of now, I’m gonna make an overview of the sources that I found relevant and will share them soon.

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